Family Vacation Across the U.S. to be Paid With Profits Earned Trading Currencies

Apiary Fund Founder to Cycle 4,100 Miles to Show Income can be Generated through Trading

Jul 15, 2014, 09:41 ET from Apiary Fund

CAPE OF DISAPPOINTMENT, Wash., July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Can someone actually pay for a family vacation across the U.S. simply from the profits of trading currencies? Shawn Lucas and his family are setting out on a coast-to-coast cycling and road trip to prove just that.

Lucas, CEO and founder of Apiary Fund (, will set out July 15 from the coast of Cape of Disappointment, WA headed for the Boston Harbor on a 100 day, 19 city, 4,100 mile, coast-to-coast cycling trip called Pedals and Profits and pay for the entire trip for a family of ten from the income he earns trading currencies each day.

"People always ask me if it is really possible to trade for a living," said Lucas. "I decided to put it to the test and Pedals and Profits was born. I will take a $25,000 account for 3 months and document every penny of income and every line of expense as I pedal across the country supporting my family of ten from the profits I generate managing my investment account."

Each morning of the trip, Lucas will spend time trading currencies from a Level 2 Apiary Fund account. The Apiary Fund is a proprietary trading firm that trains people from the ground up to trade foreign currencies. With no investment required and no personal market risk, traders can trade using Apiary's money and share in the profit of successful trades. People only pay for the training courses to learn how to trade.

The goal of Pedals and Profits is to show that anyone can learn the skills of a professional trader to either supplement their current income or create a new income.

In each of the cities (go to to see a schedule of the cities) Lucas and his family stop in, there will be an orientation event where people can learn how to trade with the Apiary Fund. The event is free and will teach them everything they need to know to successfully begin trading foreign exchange currencies.

Lucas and his family will be joined by colleagues Colton Chesnut and Darrell Anderson in the ride across America.

"We're setting out to cycle across America to prove once and for all that you can trade to earn income," said Anderson. "We're going to get up in the morning, trade in the currency market and earn the income to cycle to the next city. We will have 19 events across the country where we will show people our strategies, our tactics, good money management principles and computer skills to use in your home to generate income in the foreign currency market."

People can follow the progress of the trip as well as watch and observe each morning's trading sessions at the Pedals and Profits blog and website.

Lucas' family will follow and guide the three cyclists in a customized bus during their trip across the country.

When they reach the end of their trip in Boston, the company will host a three-day Traders' Summit Sept. 25-27. The event will include seminars and lectures on foreign exchange trading concepts, practice trading and live trading.

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