Fanpage Toolkit Introduces Application Suite That Lets Both Non-Techies and Developers Join the f-commerce Revolution

Oct 12, 2011, 06:45 ET from Fanpage Toolkit

LAUREL SPRINGS, N.J., Oct. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Fanpage Toolkit is breaking new ground in f-commerce with the industry's first f-commerce application suite and platform that turns Facebook into a powerful sales and marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. The suite features an easy-to-use, wizard-driven, template-based system designed for users who don't know code, and an extremely robust back end that allows web developers virtually unlimited customization capability. Another revolutionary development for developers is that page building can be performed outside Facebook, providing the freedom and flexibility of a "full screen" work environment free of the restraints of the current 520 pixel-wide space in which all in-Facebook applications are bound.

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Fanpage Toolkit's two newest f-commerce innovations, One-Click Sync for eBay Stores and One-Click Sync for Magento's E-Commerce Platform, are due for release today at the X.commerce Innovate Conference in San Francisco. "Today marks a major milestone in f-commerce technology, making Fanpage Toolkit the platform to power users ahead of the competition," says Fanpage Toolkit Founder Aaron Friedman. These two powerful new apps make it simple to synchronize a user's entire eBay and/or Magento E-Commerce Store with their Facebook business page.

These are just the latest additions to a suite of applications that will deliver on the rich promise of f-commerce, allowing companies to engage Facebook's 750 million plus users more effectively – and more profitably – than ever before. Here's a brief overview of the suite's five Applications and how they work, as well as the Application Tools that make Fanpage Toolkit the leader in f-commerce technology.

FB Pages

The wizard-driven FB Pages app allows users to create a media-rich Facebook page for their brand or organization in four simple steps without any knowledge of coding, though HTML coding is supported for advanced users. Users can choose from a variety of templates and can use the app's onscreen real-time editor to preview and edit content. Automated publishing of the finished page to Facebook takes only a single click.

FB Pages for Developers – due for release 11/15/2011

For years, developers have been looking for a way to truly customize Facebook pages to their exact code specs without having to use 3rd party editing tools or dealing with the downsides of iFrames. Fanpage Toolkit listened and developed a fully integrated HTML authoring tool into its existing FB Pages system. This will allow developers to have full use of all HTML tags, excluding of course those that compromise existing template system integrity. No matter what their level of expertise, Facebook page developers can now build in one environment, without the need for cumbersome 3rd party HTML authoring tools.


The wizard-driven f-commerce app allows users to build a Facebook f-commerce store where transactions can be completed without leaving the Facebook ecosystem – all without any knowledge of coding. Fanpage Toolkit users can choose from a variety of attractive f-commerce templates with multiple layout configurations and easily create merchant profiles that use their PayPal account to obtain payment from transactions, right from their Facebook f-commerce store. The app's onscreen real-time editor makes editing content easy. Like the FB Pages app, a single click is all it takes to automatically publish the completed store to Facebook.

f-commerce Application Tools

  • Merchant Builder – an easy way to enter all merchant information and PayPal credentials
  • Order Manager – makes product fulfillment easy
  • eBay Store One-Click Sync – instantly duplicate an eBay store on Facebook and choose to have transactions complete either within the Facebook ecosystem or eBay. Fanpage Toolkit performs this at the f-commerce store level, which allows merchants to have multiple Facebook f-commerce stores mapped to one eBay store catalog. A great option allowing for "in" versus "out" of Facebook ecosystem transaction testing and to have the ability to break-up an eBay product catalog over multiple Facebook f-commerce stores.  
  • Magento One-Click Sync – like the eBay app above, this app allows users to instantly duplicate a Magento store on Facebook and have the option of transactions complete either within the Facebook ecosystem or Magento. All other eBay features are also supported with the Magento app; and with Fanpage Toolkit's commitment to open source, you can expect equal support to all mainstream open E-Commerce platforms in the very near future.


This wizard-driven app allows users to create a media-rich promotional Facebook landing page in 7 easy steps – all without any knowledge of coding. Users can choose from a wide variety of promotional templates and edit content using an onscreen real-time editor. A second layer "results" page is just as easy to create using more great promotional templates and the onscreen editor. Once pages are ready, a few clicks are all it takes to schedule a promotion and automatically publish to Facebook.

Promotions Application Tools

  • Social Ping – an easy way to broadcast Facebook promotions across multiple social networks at once. The system currently supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with multiple other social networks scheduled to be added soon.
  • Coupon Generation – automatically generate customized coupons that can be redeemed in person or via the user's Facebook f-commerce store.
  • FANvite – create custom invitations and broadcast on the walls and/or inboxes of all Facebook users who have engaged the page previously.

Due for release 11/01/2011:

  • Free Downloads – capture valuable lead generation data by offering Facebook users a free download of an eBook, whitepaper, or other digitally-based documents when they fill out a form on the Fanpage Toolkit user's Facebook page.
  • Sweepstakes – capture valuable lead generation data as Facebook users fill out a Facebook page form to register for a promotional giveaway.


This powerful Email and Facebook messaging system let's you import large email lists in a variety of formats and send out customized email blasts. The system features intuitive opt-out control, rich text, or HTML friendly email campaigns, Facebook wall posting and/or inbox messaging support.

Messaging Application Tools

  • FB Wall Messenger – sends custom messages to the Facebook wall of all users collected by your Fanpage Toolkit Facebook page
  • FB Inbox Messenger – sends custom messages to the Facebook inbox of all users collected by your Fanpage Toolkit Facebook page
  • Email Messenger – Sends custom email messages to any email address added to the system. Lists can be imported from Outlook (csv), Outlook Express (csv), Windows Address Book (csv), Palm (VCard, vcf), Windows Mail (csv), Plaxo (csv), LinkedIn-to-csv, and generic csv.
  • Opt-out Manager – automatically stores and blocks the email addresses of all users who click the opt-out option provided in every outgoing email. The system also provides a manual entry opt-out management tool for recipients who contact the Fanpage Toolkit user directly.

Analytics Application Tools

Integrated across the entire application suite, this powerful collection of application tools allows you to perform:

  • Insights – trend total page views, fan/non-fan views, fan/non-fan promotions views, and fan/non-fan f-commerce views. Also trends leads and customers for Fanpage, Promotions, and f-commerce apps.
  • Data Export – all data is fully exportable to a CSV file for 3rd-party use.
  • Influence Metrics – measure the quality of participation for an individual within a Facebook page, telling you who your most valuable fans are and why. (Due for release 11/15/2011)
  • GeoMapping – map and pin all Facebook users who engage a Fanpage Toolkit Facebook page, allowing you to do a topographical review complete with detailed information about each user.
  • Status Tagging – automatically generate a "status tag cloud" of all wall post conversations occurring within a Fanpage Toolkit user's Facebook page. The status-tagging algorithm creates keyword tags based on wall post word usage and relevance so you can easily analyze and interact with users directly from within Fanpage Toolkit.

For those of you out there thinking that Fanpage Toolkit has to be astronomically expensive, think again. Unlike other "single app solutions"... The entire suite, complete with an online store, starts at just $29.90 per month – with no transaction fees!  

The 750,000,000+ Facebook users are out there. So are the business owners who thought it would be too difficult or expensive to effectively engage them. With its powerful suite of easy-to-use Applications, Fanpage Toolkit represents the dawning of a new day in f-commerce. It's not just for the big guys anymore.

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