Fans Won't Get Lost in Orlando's New Amway Center

RipBang Studios' wayfinding system uses clear and consistent branding to reduce visual clutter and encourage exploration at the NBA's newest arena

Oct 14, 2010, 16:02 ET from RipBang Studios

VENICE, Calif., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- At nearly three times the size of the facility it replaces, Orlando's new Amway Center arena needed a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand approach to directional signage. The Orlando Magic brought in California-based RipBang Studios to devise a system to effortlessly guide fans to their destination.

In today's cavernous multi-level event venues, it can be a challenge for guests to find their seats. The buildings' circular shapes are inherently disorienting, making it difficult to determine where section 201 is relative to section 217. RipBang's solution divides the arena into two color-coded sides, with each side's color referenced on the ticket. Upon entering the main lobby, guests are immediately sorted to the orange East or green West side of the Amway Center. Within each level, anchor destinations (many designed by RipBang Studios) serve as landmarks to help orient guests. Much like a shopping center, directory signs highlight these anchors (amenities such as bars and restaurants) to help make navigation more intuitive. "You can remember which side you're on because the orange side is closest to Orange Avenue," noted Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

Adding to the confusion of a circular arena, the array of visual clutter makes directional signage hard to find. To address this problem, RipBang Studios created a consistent brand and harmonious graphic language for all signage throughout the building so that concession stands, bars, restaurants and sponsor zones work together and reinforce the arena's brand, instead of distracting from it. "Our experience has been that by the time you start looking for a sign, you're probably already lost," said RipBang Studios designer Rowena Macaraeg, "so we've used simple graphic tools to keep confusion to a minimum."

Combining sponsor integration and visual landmarks, RipBang also worked with Amway to seamlessly incorporate their brand into the event experience. Notably, Amway Center's most prominent identity sign is uniquely located at the Gentleman Jack Terrace bar (also designed by RipBang Studios). Sitting just 40 feet above the main entry plaza on Church Street, the 12 feet tall letters of "Amway Center" generate buzz as a city icon and simultaneously function as seating along the bar's railing.

To create similar interactivity inside, RipBang Studios also designed signage that could actively participate in the entertainment experience. The south end of the arena features two sculptural LED "turrets" in one of the fan interactive areas known as the "Ozone." With computer-controlled animations, pyrotechnics, and a platform for the Magic Dancers and mascot STUFF, the "Ozone" is sure to become a signature feature of events at the arena.

RipBang Studios' wayfinding system at Amway Center demonstrates how sponsor and team branding, directional signs and thematic graphics can work together to enhance the game experience by offering easy access to seats, amenities that integrate sponsors and operational efficiency.


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