Farewell Dinner for 2010 IEC General Meeting to Feature Donation of Laptops, Printers, and Power Cords to Northwest Autism Center

Oct 14, 2010, 16:01 ET from American National Standards Institute

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The United States National Committee (USNC) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is pleased to announce that the farewell dinner for the 2010 IEC General Meeting will be held on October 15, 2010, in Seattle. The evening will feature the donation of all laptops, copiers, and power cords used during the General Meeting to Northwest Autism Center (NAC).

The 2010 General Meeting, the largest in IEC history, has brought together over 2,800 delegates from across the globe. More than 80 countries are represented at the events, including gatherings for 100 Technical Committees (TCs) and subcommittees (SCs). All told, over 400 meetings for these TCs, SCs, working groups, and more are being held over the course of the event, which began on October 6. Technical and policy discussions at the meetings will have a powerful impact on the electrotechnical community and its activities in international standardization.

The farewell dinner will be held on October 15, 2010, from 7:00 p.m.8:30 p.m. at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. The evening's events will feature the donation of thousands of dollars in technology products, including all Sony laptops, HP copiers, and Hubbell power cords used during the General Meeting, to Northwest Autism Center. The mission of NAC is to provide improved, integrated, community-based services for all children and adults on the autism spectrum and their families.

Attendees will hear remarks from key leaders from the electrotechnical community including IEC president Jacques Regis and USNC president Jim Matthews III. Dawn Sidell, founder and executive director of Northwest Autism Center, will be on hand to accept the equipment donation.

"The USNC is proud to have brought this critical technical meeting to Seattle, one of our nation's top communities for innovation and technology," said Mr. Matthews. "And the Committee is equally proud to leave a positive impact behind with the donation of electronics used during the event to Northwest Autism Center. In NAC's capable hands, we know that this donation will make a lasting, tangible difference to many families in the Northwest."

"One of the three primary areas impacted by the disorder of autism is communication," explained Ms. Sidell. "It is so exciting, and very fitting, that this generous donation to Northwest Autism Center directly addresses the communication needs of our families. Computers are a primary means of communication in all aspects of life, and certainly in the area of information gathering. We are thrilled to receive a donation that will allow us to provide access to the use of computers to our families, many of whom do not own a computer, or will need help navigating one. Northwest Autism Center has been building a library of books and DVDs for community use, but access to the internet and the use of printers for providing take-home information is critical if families are to receive the information they need to help their children in a timely manner. We are extremely grateful for the thoughtful and generous donation of Sony, HP, Hubbell, and the USNC, and look forward to making these tools available to those who need them most."

The farewell dinner is open to the media; to gain press access to the executive director of Northwest Autism Center and the world's foremost electrotechnical experts, contact Liz Neiman (eneiman@ansi.org; 917.650.3006). Detailed press kits with background information about the event will be available on site.

For more information on the 2010 IEC General Meeting, visit www.iec2010.org.

About the USNC

The U.S. National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (USNC/IEC) serves as the focal point for U.S. parties who are interested in the development, promulgation, and use of globally-relevant standards for the electrotechnical industry. The Committee is also engaged in the assessment of conformance to standards, undertaking work in areas such as testing, certification, and accreditation.

As the United States' representative to the IEC and many related regional standardization bodies, the USNC/IEC serves as a conduit to the global standards-setting community for technical and policy positions arising in the U.S. and brings issues from the global arena to the U.S. for review, consideration, and response.

The USNC/IEC is a totally integrated committee of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The Institute provides administrative support to the USNC and its nearly 1,400 U.S. managerial, engineering, scientific, and professional participants.

About the IEC

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world's leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic, and related technologies – collectively known as electrotechnology. With full and associate member bodies representing 81 countries around the world, the IEC promotes international cooperation on all questions of electrotechnical standardization and related matters.

Some of the many technologies embraced by the IEC include electronics; magnetics and electromagnetics; electroacoustics; multimedia; telecommunication; and energy production and distribution.

The IEC also manages conformity assessment systems that certify that equipment, systems, or components conform to its International Standards.

About Northwest Autism Center

Autism is a worldwide health concern, but the real challenges occur at home, in our families, schools, and neighborhoods.  Formed in 2003, Northwest Autism Center (NAC) exists to support, facilitate and build accessible and comprehensive, community-based approaches to helping children and adults with autism spectrum disorders in the Inland Northwest. They provide the only year-round inclusive early intervention preschool for children with autism in Eastern Washington.  

NAC is committed to providing valuable and accurate information and educational resources about autism to medical professionals, parents, family, friends, educators, and caregivers. Working with parent groups and experienced professionals, NAC has attempted to identify and respond to families' greatest needs at this critical time.

NAC feels strongly about collaborating with other organizations in developing appropriate services for meeting the needs of children and adults with autism and their families. It is the vision of Northwest Autism Center that each individual with an autism spectrum disorder will have access to early diagnosis and treatment; best practices in public education and health-care; and the social supports necessary for optimal personal growth and the fullest level of participation within family and community.

Northwest Autism Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and greatly appreciates donations supporting the expansion of their services.  

SOURCE American National Standards Institute