Faster and Leaner Zend Studio 9.0 PHP IDE Paves the Way to Develop and Debug Web Apps More Productively in Cloud and On-Premise

Award-winning Integrated Development Environment Offers Fast Debugging, Git/GitHub Support, and Deep Integration with Amazon Web Services and Zend Developer Cloud

Nov 15, 2011, 00:01 ET from Zend Technologies

CUPERTINO, Calif., Nov. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Zend Technologies today announced the general availability of Zend Studio 9.0, a significant update to the industry's leading integrated development environment (IDE) for Web application developers using PHP, the dynamic language that powers more than one-third of the web. Zend Studio 9.0 brings a new level of productivity to the development and debugging of next-generation Web Applications and Services in cloud and on-premise environments.  Using Zend Studio 9.0, developers and their managers will discover better end-to-end development workflows, deep cloud integration to simplify the development and deployment of cloud-based PHP applications, and a faster, leaner Zend Studio that can easily be configured to suit individual developer needs.


Better End-to-end Development Workflows
With Zend Studio 9.0 it is quicker and easier to set up the developer environment and streamline the application lifecycle to create high-quality code, whether developers are working individually or in collaborative teams.

  • Zend Studio 9.0 incorporates Git and GitHub.  Version control is critical to the success of web application development projects in today's distributed developer environments, and Git is an open-source distributed version control system recognized for its ability to handle small to very large software development projects with speed and efficiency. GitHub is a web-based hosting service for projects that use Git.  Armed with Git/GitHub support, Zend Studio 9.0 users can bring in code from a repository to clone, share and branch it, working and collaborating more efficiently than was possible before.
  • Zend Studio 9.0 features JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 editor improvements that help developers to write and edit client-side code more productively. Because Zend Studio is based on Eclipse, Web application developers using Zend Studio find that they can benefit from many of the enhancements delivered by the Eclipse community in Eclipse 3.7.
  • Zend Studio 9.0 provides the ability to define deployment packages for use in Zend Server, the leading PHP Web application server, to ensure that code is deployed correctly and consistently.

Deep Cloud Integration
Developers in the new and fast-growing community will find that Zend Studio 9.0 can seamlessly use the Zend Developer Cloud as a robust and powerful development runtime.  Zend Studio 9.0 also supports application deployment to Zend Application Fabric, an elastic cloud platform powered by Zend Server for deploying to a variety of clouds.

  • Zend Studio 9.0 helps developers take full advantage of Zend Developer Cloud, an instantly available, consistent PHP environment for superior debugging, solid productivity and team collaboration.
  • A built-in Amazon Web Services (AWS) toolkit supports increased productivity in developing Web applications to run on widely-used cloud services such as Amazon EC2 and S3.
  • With Zend Studio 9.0, developers can create and test deployment packages for reliable and consistent deployment to a number of Zend Application Fabric-enabled Clouds including Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and IBM SmartCloud, as well as on-premise – ensuring that code is deployed correctly and consistently after hand-off to operations teams.

Zend Studio 9.0 is faster and leaner by design.
New smart product configuration enables developers to customize their IDE, easily adding and removing plug-ins such as Mylyn task-focused programming, Color themes and more, to suit individual work preferences and project requirements. As a result, Zend Studio 9.0 can provide on average a 67% faster default startup, with a 40% smaller default disk footprint and a lower memory footprint.

Customer Quotes:
Chris Jones, CTO, VP Information Technology, Shaklee Corporation
"We support a global network of 1.2 million distributors who help us ensure that the Shaklee brand is always associated with an exceptional online shopping experience in the minds of our customers. We constantly innovate our online stores, and the ability to develop and debug our PHP web applications productively is key to meeting this goal. The smart configuration in Zend Studio 9.0 gives our developers the freedom to configure the IDE to their individual needs at the start of a project, and when the work is done, Zend Studio can define deployment packages for use in Zend Server so our team can be confident that code is deployed correctly and consistently. As we consider cloud initiatives, Zend Studio 9.0 has the potential to provide our developers with some very nice options."

James Murray, Chief Technology Officer,
"With a code base of over half a million lines of code, my developers rely on Zend Studio to stay ahead of the curve on fast-moving development projects. We found Zend Studio 9.0 to be the most responsive, feature-packed and developer-minded PHP IDE in the industry. Built-in Code Assist allows us to work with speed and accuracy, Mylyn task-focused programming helps us stay up-to-date on assigned tasks or issues, and smart product configuration makes Zend Studio 9.0 start up and run lightning fast. With the new deployment system, we can instantly and reliably deploy our applications to the Zend Developer Cloud as a staging server, before we publish to our production environment, all with the click of a button."

Julian Somesan, CTO, DotBoost Inc.
"Zend Studio 9.0 is not only fast but it is the most feature-rich editor available for professional PHP developers. For enterprise PHP projects, it offers deep Zend Framework integration, built-in SVN and Git support, and features in the latest Eclipse releases. And did I mention that it's fast?"

Along with Version 9.0 product enhancements, Zend Studio continues to offer developers a highly efficient PHP coding experience with features including Code Assist, code generation, refactoring, Unit testing, profiling and debugging.  Zend Studio also provides deep integration with Zend Framework for creating projects and working with MVC-architecture code. In addition, deep integration with Zend Server enables support for building deployment packages, viewing code traces, and more.  Other Zend Studio features include remote server and VMware Workstation support for the development runtime, and integrated JavaScript editing and seamless joint debugging of server-side PHP and client-side JavaScript.

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(U.S. on Dec. 6, 2011: 9am PST, 12pm EST; Germany on Dec. 8, 2011: 10am Uhr)

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