Fastlane Introduces Purposefire, a New Consulting Practice and Strategic Methodology to Help Companies Thrive

Jan 28, 2013, 09:01 ET from Fastlane Communications LLC

NEW YORK, Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fastlane Communications LLC, a strategic communications and engagement firm, today announced the launch of Purposefire, a new consulting practice and strategic methodology that helps companies define a core purpose to boost loyalty, engagement and meaning. By identifying the difference an organization makes to the world, Purposefire provides the foundation for powerful content marketing and social PR campaigns as well as improved financial performance.

As part of the launch, Fastlane developed a 10-page eBook, which provides fact-based evidence on why purpose-driven companies enjoy 4X more revenue, 7X greater job creation and 12X higher stock price. 

"Not enough companies resonate with their audiences, including their own employees. Research shows that most employees are on autopilot in their place of work and little has been done to change their level of engagement," said John Ryan, chief strategy officer at Fastlane. "In addition, external audiences – including prospects, customers, and partners – are confused and unengaged. When a company has to compensate for a lack of purpose, too many dollars are spent on misdirected marketing, PR and sales campaigns."

Purposefire, created to address this problem, is a consulting practice that works directly with company leadership teams. Purposefire helps business leaders identify their organization's core purpose, energize their employees and create a powerful external communications plan to help it thrive. The practice is not another visioning, messaging and positioning workshop, but rather a new approach to accelerate business transformation and growth. 

"Over time, companies can lose their way and too many people are suffering from a lack of meaning in their work. It doesn't have to be that way. Once a company defines or redefines its true purpose and gets into the habit of anchoring all decisions to the very essence of why they exist for their customers, research shows their business changes for the better," adds Ryan.

Download a free copy of Fastlane's Purposefire eBook to learn more.

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