Fat People Have Sex: World's First Body-Inclusive Sex Gear Shop Announces Plans for Physical Store, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Validity Asks 50,000 People to Donate $5 for an All-Inclusive Brick-and-Mortar Sex Shop

Dec 05, 2015, 11:15 ET from Validity

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Validity, the company that opened the world's first body-inclusive sex gear shop online, is moving into the physical space.

Founder Rachel Dwight announced plans to open a brick-and-mortar all-inclusive sex store in the San Francisco East Bay and is inviting everyone who believes all bodies deserve pleasure to donate.

"Bodies that are stigmatized in our culture - those that are fat, disabled, aging and have unique anatomy - are either ignored or persecuted when it comes to sex," Dwight said. "We have desires and sex drives, and the fact that we are made to feel ashamed about them needs to stop."

Dwight is fundraising $250,000 at respectoursex.com to open the only store dedicated to access of all bodies to sex education, resources and gear.

But, in a twist to the typical crowdfunding campaign, there's only one donation level: $5. Dwight is more interested in getting 50,000 donors to show strength in numbers and to keep the campaign economically accessible.

"The number of people that donate is just as important as the amount of money we are raising," Dwight said.

The physical store will also be the first retail space, of any type of retail, to be designed to accommodate all bodies.

"I have yet to find any store that approaches its service to customers from a universal access perspective," Dwight said. "Many non-disabled people think that because the American Disabilities Act exists, then access issues are taken care of. That's just not true."

Though the initial store will open in the Bay Area, Dwight is taking the campaign internationally. Part of the funds will go to creating resources for those who want to replicate and advocate for the model elsewhere.

Founded in 2014, Validity provides resources, education and gear to help people with marginalized bodies have great sex. The company was founded by Rachel Dwight, M.Ed., Sexologist, to help people pursue pleasure where all body sizes, abilities, ages and anatomies can get quality products and information from a degreed sexologist. For more, visit validityinitiative.com.

Contact: Rachel Dwight
Office: 510-306-2892


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