Father-Son Team To Release Radical Rethink of Online Compatibility Test

Oct 15, 2010, 16:07 ET from Clicck

NEW YORK, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Clicck is at it again. The online dating website that married cutting edge technology with online matchmaking, is now questioning the viability of the industries current standard for pairing two individuals based on complementary personalities. Clicck's psychological team, disappointed with the large number of online compatibility tests that lack clinical legitimacy, is working hard to create a meaningful alternative. While not trying to provide a full psychological profile, Clicck's current questionnaire based on Big Five theory and the Neo is being reworked to generate a more in-depth review into what makes a potential mate tick, providing users with a much clearer and potentially more successful match.

Clicck keeps it in the family with a unique father-son team headed by one of America's most respected psychologists, Diplomate Dr. Christopher Ovide Sr. who joined his son, CEO Christopher Ovide Jr. this year to provide a more accurate and professionally designed tool for those looking online for love. Dr. Ovide has teamed with Dr. Heather Martens, an attending psychologist with the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex currently focused on relationship and marriage counseling, her subsequent analysis is vital in developing a realistic and comprehensive psychological profile given the restraints of online technology.

"During our research and review of the available data we determined that it is essential to assess every aspect of an individual's personality and include demographic compatibility into the mix before indicating two persons are compatible," said Dr. Ovide. "In addition we felt it critical that people understand a compatibility test is not the same as a psychological profile. That being said we hope to provide a compatibility questionnaire that gives a fairly accurate psychological assessment to users in the hope that we provide more successful matches."

Clicck's second iteration compatibility questionnaire will also include two unique dimensions Dr. Ovide and Dr. Martins feel are absolutely essential to matching, but are not currently in use. "This is very exciting," says CEO Chris Ovide Jr. "The new dimensions and a more user specific questionnaire will allow us to concentrate our recommendations and decrease the number of inaccurate matches."

Chris Ovide Jr. is also excited about Clicck's additional developments including two mobile apps currently in development and being engaged in sourcing A Round Financing with a prominent Venture Capital Firm in New York.

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