FAUN Showcases Expedient Mobility Solutions At SOFIC

May 15, 2014, 13:31 ET from FAUN Trackway USA

TAMPA, Fla., May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Defence manufacturer FAUN Trackway USA will showcase a range of expedient mobility solutions at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, Florida from 20 – 22 May.

The company's Helicopter Landing Mat (HLM) has been developed to support the needs of armed forces in remote helicopter operations, and is particularly well-suited to expeditionary missions.

Based on a system of interlocking military-grade aluminium panels, the HLM is available in a variety of sizes and panel options to provide a smooth, solid landing foundation for take-off and landings.

This portable technology is easily transported and can be laid by hand with only minimal tools and training. The result is that troops gain quick access to areas where it is not practical or feasible to install permanent aircraft infrastructure.

It has been designed to supress dust to prevent foreign object damage and protect valuable military assets, minimising the risk of brownout.

Also of interest to expeditionary forces is FAUN Trackway USA's flagship product, the Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS).

Comprising Military Load Classification (MLC) 70 Trackway mounted on a hydraulic dispenser, HGMS requires only minimal manpower for deployment and collection. Designed for speed, a full length of 50m Trackway can be laid by two men in only six minutes.

Trackway is based on a ground-surfacing aluminium matting that can withstand repeated crossings by heavy weight vehicles. It has been deployed around the world to aid military and disaster-relief missions in a wide variety of challenging terrains such as sand, snow, desert and marshland.

The panels are commonly used as a bridging egress to prevent environmental damage by heavy vehicles at bridge crossings.

Mike Holdcraft, Vice President Business Development at FAUN Trackway USA, said: "Our portable roadways and runways assist expeditionary forces' capabilities by enabling them to access hard-to-reach locations quickly and efficiently.

"This exhibition will enable us to engage with troops and key military personnel from across the world, to demonstrate how our temporary systems that can assist their operations."

FAUN Trackway USA will be exhibiting at booth 214.