Favorfloat Debuts with Recognition of American Youth and Honoring of America's Founding Fathers Ahead of The 4th Of July Celebration

Jul 02, 2015, 08:23 ET from Favorfloat Corporation

MINNEAPOLIS, July 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Favorfloat Corporation, a startup Minnesota "money-matters, social media" company, debuts with its first annual gratitude prize contest to recognize America's youth and to honor America's founding fathers ahead of the July 4th celebration. Participation is free, and Americans, age 21 and under, may submit their gratitude message to our founding fathers at: www.favorfloat.com/youth starting July 4th and immediately ending when 10,000 messages are posted for public voting. "America's youth are often portrayed as narcissistic, but Favorfloat wants to recognize and celebrate the best in our youth and their desire to make this world a better place," said Philip Jegede, Favorfloat Founder.

Favorfloat has set September 5th to annually celebrate America's youth and offer its Gratitude Prize and scholarship awards, with the goal to encourage America's youth to contribute their best to American society and to the world.  Philip Jegede, Favorfloat founder, and a foreigner by birth, commented, "America gave me what I could not possibly get from any other country on earth – the freedoms to speak openly, and to rise or fall by my own abilities and efforts. America's youth will show what America stands for, in contrast to how it is portrayed by our enemies." 

Jegede hopes that with Favorfloat's help, American youth can secure cash prizes and scholarships for themselves, and also use part of their gratitude prize winnings to help youth at home and abroad by contributing in need-based programs where money can make a big difference. 

Favorfloat has contributed $5,000 and pledges another $5,000 in initial prize money, and encourages the general public to visit its website at www.favorfloat.com/youth to make contributions to the Youth Recognition and Gratitude Prize Award prize pot. "The bigger the prize pot, the better we can show appreciation to our youth. This initial contest is a preliminary for the main contest to be awarded on September 5th, which will give a participant, depending on the total prize money available, an opportunity to win large cash prizes and scholarships of up to $100,000 for each member in a team of twenty participants from each of the US fifty states. Winners will have the opportunity to also travel the world," said Jegede.

The integrity of the contest will be overseen and monitored by an independently certified public accounting firm.

Contact: Philip Jegede, 763-788-0221, contact@favorfloat.com


SOURCE Favorfloat Corporation