FBEC Worldwide Issues Shareholder Update

Chairman of the Board and Our President - CEO

Jul 29, 2015, 07:30 ET from FBEC Worldwide, Inc.

CHEYENNE, Wyo., Jul 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- To Our Shareholders

Our accomplishments in FY15 contributed significantly to the unprecedented progress and ongoing success experienced by our launch of H.E.M.P. Energy and the Wolf Shot energy beverages. Our commitment to our mission assurance has become increasingly important in these times of growth for FBEC.

In FY15, FBEC has fulfilled its commitments to its shareholders regarding the reorganization and corporate development required under SEC Reporting guidelines, while adding a new product to its existing beverage line. FBEC has received tremendous support from its staff and management in order to maintain a high operational tempo to successfully deploy the enhanced capabilities developed in recent months. Our major goal is to continue delivering value and innovation, and this is the focus we will use to align with our shareholders and customers.

Delivering innovation is defined by our efforts to help architect existing and future beverages using our relationship with our professional service consultants and vendors. In addition to creative marketing efforts with Wolf Shot, the company is currently finalizing a distribution contract with Colorado-based JSB Distribution Company to place product in 1000 targeted stores, including independent C-stores, smoke shops, gas marts and other retailers, within the next 30 days. Creating an environment where innovation can flourish is a critical part of developing our brand. The FBEC team is exposed on a regular basis to opportunities to solve difficult problems, take smart risks, experiment, and share their results across the beverage enterprise. 

This week we will be launching our sales initiative for the first H.E.M.P. Energy product, Wolf Shot H.E.M.P. Energy.  During the last few weeks product samples have been sent out and packaging has been designed.  We've received a favorable response to the product from those who had a chance to test our unique hemp-infused energy shots.  This was both from a flavor and reactive standpoint.  Within the next few weeks we will have major distribution news to release and will make sure to keep the public updated on every milestone we hit during the second half of 2015.

The "Wolf Shot" will be available online through www.Amazon.com, www.Alibaba.com, and our corporate website. We have also continued talks with several major nationwide retail stores to conduct centralized product trials and hope to have more updates to follow with regard to the placement of Wolf Shot in Las Vegas night clubs and casinos. 

I want to express my gratitude to our current shareholders. Knowing that it's been a long journey to get FBEC Worldwide in a position for real growth, the transparency that the OTCQB designation grants us, along with the first product launch in motion, FBEC is in a great place right now and we have our shareholders to thank in part for this success. This is truly a groundbreaking year for us and we'll continue to keep a very open line of communication as we progress.

Robert Sand, Chairman and CEO
FBEC Worldwide, Inc.

About FBEC Worldwide Inc.
FBEC Worldwide is an innovative beverage company dedicated to offering proprietary products focused in target US and international markets. We are committed to increasing our market size and scope through creative marketing and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Our growth strategies will focus on a number of major initiatives including unique branding opportunities targeted at key demographic groups, and to develop strong community and distributor relationships.

Through our relationships with industry leaders, we look to solidify our place in the market by producing high-quality beverages with unique additives based on formulas and recipes that will not be duplicated or reverse engineered.

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