Federal Ethics Center Urges Congress to Promptly Hold Hearings on Unprecedented New Law Set to Sweep Across the Nation that Would Strip All Americans of their Constitutional Rights

May 02, 2012, 07:00 ET from Federal Ethics Center

WASHINGTON, May 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Federal Ethics Center (FEC), a watchdog organization protecting the rights of United States citizens, urges Congress to promptly hold hearings regarding troubling events occurring in the United States 5th Circuit.   FEC's letter to members of Congress outlined several examples of recent erratic 5th Circuit initiatives as follows:

  1. 5th Circuit Judge Jerry Smith, in disregard of the law, recently demanded that Attorney General, Eric Holder Jr. confirm that the rule of Marbury v. Madison applies to the President of the United States.
  2. 5th Circuit District Judge, W. Royal Furgeson, Jr., in coordination with 5th Circuit Bankruptcy Judge Stacey G.C. Jernigan, acted with disregard for the law in restricting the rights of U.S. citizen, Jeff Baron, including strangely barring him from legal counsel in defense of an unlawful proceeding against his financial interests and individual freedom, even threatening Mr. Baron with severe physical punishment by means of the combined forces of the United States military in a civil lawsuit.

After making the threats of violent punishment in this civil lawsuit, Judge Furgeson handed down an unprecedented order, imposing a federal receivership on Mr. Baron's person, literally making him the chattel property of the judge's colleague.  Furgeson's action is the first time in American history that an individual has been placed into a receivership.   If this order is not overturned, the consequences for all Americans could be far reaching.

Judge Furgeson's order transfers "possession and control" of "all receivership parties" and "assets", which specifically includes the person Jeffery Baron, to a court appointed receiver.   To date, the 5th Circuit Court has declined to stay the actions taken against Mr. Baron.  Mr. Baron has been held in a civil lockdown for the past 15 months, without counsel, without trial and without due process.

Despite no criminal or incompetency allegations, the 5th Circuit has taken away Mr. Baron's legal rights and made him a ward of the state. This dangerous precedent is poised to set in motion a rapid expansion of receivership laws against law abiding American citizens.

Part of Mr. Baron's plight may be viewed at WashingtonExaminer.com, LawInjustice.com and facebook.com/savejeff.. In addition, a petition sponsored by human rights organization NOTEGA can be found at SaveJeffBaron.com.  The transcripts of Mr. Baron's proceedings can be downloaded at FederEthicsCenter.com

The Federal Ethics Center (FEC) is a watch dog association protecting the Constitutional rights of all United States citizens.  FEC's Legal Director David Nolan is a former ethics attorney for the Office of the President-Elect and the White House.   He is a co-author of the Ethics Section of the DC Practice Manual.  He has trained federal attorneys in continuing legal education (CLE) for their respective state bar ethics requirements.


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