Federal-Mogul Innovations at IAA to Improve Fuel Economy, Reduce Emissions, and Enhance Safety and Refinement in Next Generation of Vehicles

Advanced Corona Ignition System, Touch-free Interior Lighting Technology Among Company Introductions

Aug 30, 2011, 08:00 ET from Federal-Mogul Corporation

WIESBADEN, Germany, Aug. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Federal-Mogul Corporation (NASDAQ: FDML) will present at this year's IAA (Frankfurt Auto Show, Hall 4.1, Stand E15, September 13-16, 2011) a wide range of technologies for energy efficiency, environmental improvement, vehicle safety and interior enhancement.

"Federal-Mogul's strategy for technological leadership is based on developing leading technology and innovation to enable vehicle manufacturers to improve fuel economy, reduce CO2 emissions and enhance vehicle safety and occupant comfort," said Federal-Mogul President and Chief Executive Officer Jose Maria Alapont. "These technological advances will accelerate the industry's transition to downsized engines and alternative energies while further strengthening vehicle safety, driver comfort and interior refinement."

Federal-Mogul will debut at the IAA, its Advanced Corona Ignition System (ACIS), designed to provide higher energy ignition than conventional ignition coil and spark plug designs. ACIS enables lean and highly diluted combustion strategies, resulting in up to a 10 percent improvement in fuel efficiency based on current development testing. The optimized design can be packaged to accommodate current and new engine architectures and uses readily available materials to facilitate rapid development and implementation in high-volume production.

"ACIS is an ignition system breakthrough to enable significant gains in fuel efficiency. Federal-Mogul is in development with several customers and we expect this technology to become a key part of automakers' strategies to meet future regulations, especially in high-efficiency, downsized high-output engines," said Alapont.

To further support vehicle manufacturers' plans to meet future fuel economy targets, Federal-Mogul will showcase several advanced powertrain technologies, including the award-winning EcoTough®-coated gasoline piston, which uses a highly wear-resistant, low friction skirt coating to improve fuel economy.  New at the show, the company will introduce CarboGlide®, a coating for piston rings that improves fuel economy and reduces CO2 emissions by reducing piston and ring friction by up to 20 percent.  Federal-Mogul also will display its award-winning LKZ® oil control ring, which reduces oil consumption by 50 percent, and will highlight its expanding range of sintered products for use on turbochargers for gasoline powertrains.

Other highlights in the Federal-Mogul exhibit include the company's MicroTorq™ crankshaft seals, which help to minimise energy losses, thereby improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.  Experts also will be available to discuss the company's IROX® polymer-coated engine bearings, designed to extend the durability of highly loaded downsized engines and to withstand the more severe duty cycles associated with stop-start and hybrid engines.

Federal-Mogul will showcase its advanced range of brake friction products, including friction pads with low-copper and zero-copper formulations, available in non-asbestos organic or low steel.  Also featured will be the company's friction linings, designed with high levels of friction stability and NVH robustness matched to modern ABS requirements.  Federal-Mogul is the world's largest brake friction producer with manufacturing facilities in every major market, serving its global customers with state-of-the-art brake development and testing capabilities in four regional technical enters.

Federal-Mogul's new CrushShield™ systems protection sleeve, which is a protective product for high voltage cables of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, also will be on display.  It is one of the first cable protection products in the market to meet the requirements of new U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard regulations (FMVSS 305) and is in production for a market-leading hybrid electric vehicle.

The company's growing portfolio of technologies for vehicle interiors also will be presented. Federal-Mogul's complete range of low-profile lighting components and ambient- and accent- lighting modules will be on display, offering styling innovations with cleaner designs and enhanced optics control. Debuting at the IAA will be a new touch-free lighting technology that combines energy-efficient LEDs and capacitive sensing to create interior lamps that are more compact to package and less distracting for drivers to operate.

Other innovations in the Federal-Mogul stand will include the company's portfolio of flat-blade wiper systems that improve styling, aerodynamics, blade function and energy efficiency. Federal-Mogul was the first manufacturer to offer the innovative bayonet connection system for flat-blade wipers, which has rapidly become an industry standard to simplify installation.

"Federal-Mogul's commitment to innovation will again be demonstrated in our industry-leading products to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, enhance vehicle safety and improve occupant comfort," said Alapont. "These and other technologies in the company's broad portfolio will help our customers respond to requirements for differentiation and regulatory compliance, while supporting Federal-Mogul's strategy for sustainable global profitable growth."

IAA Interviews

Federal-Mogul executives and technical specialists will be available for interview at IAA. To discuss your interview requirements, please contact your local Federal-Mogul media contact, found at http://www.federalmogul.com/media.

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