FEEL Golf Co., Inc. Acquires Israeli On-Line Brain Training Games Company, Mind360

May 10, 2013, 17:03 ET from FEEL Golf Co., Inc.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- FEEL Golf Co., Inc. (OTCBB: FEEL) through its wholly owned subsidiary, Intelligent Living Inc., has acquired Mind360, a company which offers a series of scientifically developed online brain games targeted to improve cognitive skills and memory function.  The games on Mind360 are aimed toward sharpening memory, increasing focus, building logical reasoning skills, increasing alertness and awareness, boosting productivity, and exercising the mind.  Each player gets a virtual personal brain trainer that helps build up brain function.


About Mind360
Mind360 is a health wise company committed to enhancing and maintaining people's mental fitness through an online web-based cognitive training platform. Their highly engaging brain training games are designed to help strengthen key cognitive functions including Memory, Attention, Executive Functions, Thinking and Reasoning, and Visual Perception etc., all in enjoyable ways.

To accomplish this aim Mind360  has carefully teamed leading cognitive psychologists up with top-notch online game designers to create both fun and effective ways to boost and sustain users' mental health. Through these unique cognitive training methods, aging baby boomers, seniors and students alike can enjoy the clear benefits resulting from Mind360's original techniques.

Mind360 @ http://www.mind360.com also owns 2 other websites: BrainGames360 @ http://www.braingames360.com and ADHDTherapy360 @ http://www.adhdtherapy360.com.

Although Mind360 and ADHDTherapy360 are currently in BETA, Intelligent Living's management will be implementing beneficial changes to the sites structure and functionality. These changes are meant to elevate Mind360  to the premier site in developing and presenting games, which improve memory, brain health and cognition.

About ADHDTherapy360
ADHDTherapy360 is committed to enhancing and maintaining suffers of attention-deficit disorders mental fitness through a new cutting-edge online cognitive training platform. Their highly attention-deficit engaging brain training units designed as games are to help strengthen key cognitive functions including: visual perception, memory, executive functions, logic and reasoning and attention skills, all in enjoyable ways.

ADHDTherapy360's CPT test and brain training programs were developed by a team of leading clinical psychologists and research scientists including neuroscientists, clinical and educational psychologists, software engineers, and web designers.

"We want to be a competitive force in this business segment." – Victoria Rudman, CEO of Intelligent Living.

About Intelligent Living, Inc.
Intelligent Living Inc. is in the initial development stage of electronic medical records software and business solutions, establishment of a working client list, achievement of strategic relationships with industry partners, formation of an experienced management team and assembling a team of professionals and experts from the medical and therapeutic fields.

The newer formats that includes age management therapies and nutraceuticals are still in the early phases of industry lifecycle. The 'healthy living' part of the age management market is poised for rapid growth, as the aging population continues to increasingly choose alternative therapies to make its latter part of life more enjoyable, productive and meaningful.

Forward Looking Statements
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