Fewer Americans Experiencing Financial Difficulty than in 2013, According to Survey from the American Payroll Association

Sep 15, 2014, 11:33 ET from American Payroll Association

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Sixty-six percent of employees live paycheck to paycheck, according to the 2014 "Getting Paid In America" survey recently conducted by the American Payroll Association.  The results show a one-percent decrease from 2013 survey results and a four-percent drop since 2011. 

"We continue to see a very positive trend for America's workers and their families," said Dan Maddux, executive director of the American Payroll Association. "Since 2011, we've seen a steady decline in the number of people who would struggle to pay their bills if their paycheck were delayed for a week."

The annual survey asked respondents how difficult it would be to meet their current financial obligations if their paychecks were delayed for a week. More than 17,530 of the 27,071 respondents, 65.8 percent, said they would find it somewhat or very difficult to meet their financial obligations if their paychecks were delayed.

Many employees continue to live paycheck to paycheck, and making the most of every paycheck is vitally important for families.  Payroll-related tools, tips and benefits are important keys to help employees maximize their paychecks and budget for everyday expenses. One such tip is for employees to adjust their withholding on Form W-4, which helps ensure they're getting the maximum amount of take-home pay each paycheck. 

The American Payroll Association offers free tools to help employees understand their paychecks and make smart financial decisions on how they're paid.  Workers can download a free e-book, "Understanding Your Pay," and a W-4 assistant to help them properly fill out Form W-4 and potentially add hundreds of dollars to their paychecks.

The "Getting Paid In America" survey coincides with APA's annual public awareness campaign, National Payroll Week (NPW), held annually during the week of Labor Day. Over 27,000 employees responded to the survey, providing insight into how employees are paid in America. For complete results, visit www.nationalpayrollweek.com.

The APA is the nation's leader in payroll education, publications, and training. Visit APA online at www.americanpayroll.org.

SOURCE American Payroll Association