Fidelity Investments® Study Ranks nFocus Software's TraxSolutions® Best in Industry

Oct 20, 2010, 09:16 ET from nFocus Software

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Common Impact, a consulting company that connects global companies with high-potential local nonprofits, commissioned Fidelity Investments to conduct an evaluation of data tracking and outcome measurement software. The study found that nFocus Software's TraxSolutions ranked highest when compared to industry competitors.



The purpose of the evaluation was to help the City of Boston research the viability of creating and implementing a system that would integrate the data sources from multiple Boston organizations, including Boston Public Schools (BPS), Boston Public Libraries (BPL) and Boston Centers for Youth and Families (BCYF). This collaboration and exchange is being pursued as the solution that organizations need to achieve their goals as outlined by the Community Learning Initiative (CLI), a multi-department alliance that aims to help Boston's youth reach their full potential.

"The findings of the Fidelity Team showcase our demonstrated record of success," said Ananda Roberts, President of nFocus Software. "This report exemplifies the excellent customer service and product quality that we strive to deliver to each one of our clients."

The Fidelity Team conducted a Build vs. Buy analysis showing that buying a third-party product would be a significantly preferable option than attempting to create a homegrown system; they noted that homegrown systems are at least twice as expensive while taking twice as long to implement.

Using a Product Evaluation and Recommendation (PER), nFocus Software and two other industry leaders were appraised based on product demonstrations, and their communications and research gathered throughout the evaluation process.

The Fidelity Team found nFocus Software's TraxSolutions to be the obvious leader, recommending TraxSolutions as the most well-suited product for the City of Boston, pointing to its demonstrated record of success, product maturity and excellent customer support. The study concluded that "nFocus displayed the best ability to integrate and gather data from outside data sources" and "TraxSolutions would be the most apt solution to meet the needs of the project stakeholders as well as the City of Boston as a whole."  

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