Field Trip Safeguard Service Expands Nationwide with Unparalleled Field Trip Safety

Field Trip Safeguard directly returns separated students to their teacher, while also protecting student's identities, teachers' personal information, and school location

Aug 04, 2011, 06:18 ET from Safeguard Connect

ST. LOUIS, Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Field trips are an exciting and important part of education, but students are separated from their groups daily, creating terrifying and dangerous situations. To reunite a lost student, schools display their name, school location, and phone numbers, but this provides strangers powerful tools to easily gain their trust. No identification method in an effort to protect them leaves a child completely on their own, dramatically extending the stress of separation. To help schools and daycares address this child safety liability, Safeguard Connect is expanding nationwide with their powerful student safety service.

Field Trip Safeguard's automated system allows direct calls to multiple teachers' cell phones enabling immediate return when separated, while keeping the teachers' numbers confidential. The Administration is simultaneously informed of activation through an email alert. The child-safe lanyard system replaces name badges or matching shirts, providing identity protection for student and teachers, and keeping school location and teachers' phone numbers private.

"Safety is a critical directive for all schools and daycares," says Bob Bira, CEO of Safeguard Connect. "They understandably dedicate staggering amounts of money and time to school safety and daycare safety with security devices and emergency procedures within the building. In stark contrast, field trip safety procedures have not changed in many years and endanger children. Our system protects students and teachers, increases parent confidence, and dramatically decreases liability for schools, districts, and school boards."

Like many schools in the Midwest, St. Paul School in St. Louis has relied on the safety of the service for more than a year. Principal Pam Brown notes "Every teacher and principal worries about the possibility of a child in their care being separated. Having a direct phone connection to the teacher on the field trip without jeopardizing the identity of the student cannot be underestimated. Our students do not leave school without Field Trip Safeguard in place."

The safety lanyards are reused by different grades throughout the year, and starting at just $195 to protect an entire school it is cost effective. The company also offers a program to donate funding back to schools when families protect their children and property with Safeguard Connect, which includes My Child Safeguard, the premier identity protection tool for children and parents. Together these programs offer comprehensive child safety in and out of school.

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