Fifty Shades of Divorce

Jul 17, 2012, 12:44 ET from BBL Churchill

NEW YORK, July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The day Mary Kennedy committed suicide she had no credit cards, little cash, and was at risk of losing her home and custody of her children.  Many women are left in helpless situations where harsh tactics are utilized by wealthy husbands thumbing their noses at the court. Take for instance Angela L.*, the wife of a prominent Manhattan-based plastic surgeon.  The below story is a true recount of her experience.

From the world looking in, Angela's life seemed perfect. A beautiful apartment in Manhattan's Upper East Side, summers in the Hamptons, and a limitless credit card. However, Angela's husband had demons.

After nearly eight years, Angela finally left her husband.  Angela's reality was something closely resembling Mary Kennedy's world. "He cut off access to use our credit cards," she says. "I went to the boutique to buy something and they told me that they had been instructed to confiscate the card." Dr. L's decision to cut her off was solely aimed at putting pressure on Angela to settle.

After nearly a year in court hammering out the details of a bitter divorce, Angela ran through her slender financial reserves, as well as the help she was able to get from her family and friends. Not every friend was helpful, she says.

Her husband, in the meantime, has flaunted every court order for child and spousal support, telling their son that he's "happy to see me in the gutter," Angela says.

At that point, Angela's lawyer suggested she speak with BBL Churchill, a specialist divorce-lending firm. Churchill gives lines of credit to qualified spouses that enable them to pay for legal fees, expert costs, and living expenses. Divorce Finance often ensures a settlement that is much better than it might have been without the resources to pay top attorneys and other professionals.

Churchill loaned Angela the money she needs to pay her monthly bills and lawyers' fees, plus hire a forensic accountant to find assets her husband had hidden.

"I really feel as if Churchill saved me," Angela says. "I don't know how long it's going to take to reach a settlement—my husband seems determined to fight me every inch of the way—and the money I borrowed from Churchill means that I can pay the bills. It's a huge load off my mind."

BBL Churchill operates from its offices on Hanover Square in Manhattan's financial district.

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