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Join an Army of Consumers to Hunt Counterfeit Goods: Spot it, Report it, and Earn Rewards with uFaker

Jul 10, 2013, 11:24 ET from uFaker

NEW YORK, July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- uFaker arrives as the anti-counterfeiting solution of the 21st century.  The innovative web, mobile and social platform enlists the masses to help brand owners and their legal teams report, track, and collaborate on counterfeit investigations in real-time.  uFaker allows consumers to support their favorite brands, protect themselves and their families from harmful counterfeit products, help combat the thriving global counterfeit epidemic, and earn rewards while doing so.


Counterfeiting is significantly straining the global economy, compromising the integrity of trusted brands, putting consumers' health at risk, diminishing the availability of manufacturing jobs, and funding terrorism, organized crime, and other criminal activity, just to name a few of the disastrous effects. Counterfeit products are being produced at minimal cost and without oversight, resulting in toxic pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulas, children's toys covered in lead paint and other harmful substances, and electronics made with faulty parts. Thanks to the arrival of uFaker, anyone and everyone can join the worldwide fight against counterfeiting to prevent these and other dangerous consequences.

The free, user-friendly uFaker app and website enable consumers to send reports directly to brand owners.  Shoppers can snap photos of suspected fakes with their smartphones, enter some basic information into the uFaker app, hit submit, and the hunt begins.  If a suspected fake is spotted online, the report can be submitted through the website.  uFaker will grant immediate web-retail discount rewards to consumers for confirmed report submissions.  Brand owners share and manage the reports with their anti-counterfeiting teams from investigation through litigation or law enforcement involvement and may also grant additional rewards for reports that lead to successful actions.

"Many of the anti-counterfeiting efforts currently employed by brand owners are not as effective as they could be," says Jason Drangel, founder of uFaker and named partner at Epstein Drangel, LLP, a N.Y. intellectual property boutique. "Consumers are out on the streets or shopping online and finding fake goods everyday, but there has been no easy way for them to report what they've found, until now.  We all understand the problem, but now we have the 'solution' that will help curtail it."

Drangel created uFaker after recognizing that a tool tailored to the organization and management of anti-counterfeiting programs was lacking and that no one was effectively leveraging consumers' ability to help brands identify and report fake goods.  It was then that Drangel uncovered an opportunity to marry technology with crowd sourcing to take an idea born of necessity and turn it into a tangible anti-counterfeiting solution.

Initial feedback from brands using the platform has been positive. "Our customers are concerned about the safety of their children. We look forward to using uFaker to arm our customers to rid the marketplace of unsafe toys." – Jennifer Telfer, Founder, CJ Products (Pillow Pets)

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