FileGenius Announces Significant Upgrade

Jan 07, 2016, 08:35 ET from FileGenius

ATLANTA, Jan. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- FileGenius®, a cloud-based secure file transfer and management solution for business only, announced today the upcoming release of the most significant upgrade in the 8-year history of the application. Over 30 new and enhanced features are included in this release, due out spring of 2016.

Exclusively a B2B solution, FileGenius has further enhanced that position, affording the organization total control over its invaluable data versus other popular options that give control priority to individual users - often users who are not qualified to access or manage an organization's precious data.

FileGenius continues to provide cutting-edge security in the managed file transfer arena, securing their leadership in this area with more than a dozen new and powerful security options. These enhancements will allow the organization to design and build the level of security appropriate for its needs.

Widely recognized as the easiest to use solution of its type, FileGenius has maintained the same ergonomic and user-friendly look and feel. Usability, productivity and security have always been top priorities of FileGenius® and customers will find this to still be true with this newest upgrade.

Despite the major enhancements to the solution, FileGenius will continue to be the lowest cost B2B solution in the industry. Unlike most other well-known solutions, FileGenius charges no user or bandwidth fees, allowing organizations to create and employ thousands of users and transfer thousands of files monthly, for often less then $4 per day - about the cost of a cup of coffee.

Additionally, there is no installation or management required and unlimited email and phone support is provided. Online individual training for each customer is provided free of charge.

Keith Bumgarner, the president and CEO, remarked that, "With this new release, FileGenius establishes itself as the all-around leader in cost-effective secure and managed file transfer for business. I believe strongly that any potential customer who takes a good look at us will come to the same conclusion."

FileGenius is widely used in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Accounting and Financial Services, Printing, Advertising, Marketing Communications, Publishing, Manufacturing, Sales, Municipalities, Planning and Transportation, Health Care, Retail, Legal Services, Non-Profit, Education, and other industries and markets.

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