FinalForms Keeps Pace with OHSAA's Evolutionary Mindset

Ohio-based business, FinalForms, keeps its eye on the OHSAA and its ear open to athletic departments to keep pace with advancements in high school athletics.

Aug 18, 2015, 10:32 ET from FinalForms

CLEVELAND, Aug. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- High school sports in the United States are rapidly evolving with new standards for safety, liability and data. Progressive state athletic associations are keeping pace by frequently updating rules and regulations.

While this wave of change is a huge positive for the student-athlete, the workload for athletic departments increases dramatically. FinalForms assists athletic departments by creating one-click tools to manage data as well as liability, financial and medical issues.

"The OHSAA is a dynamic organization including leaders who possess the foresight to adapt and integrate rules and regulations within an evolving athletics and education landscape," says FinalForms president Clay Burnett. "As OHSAA raises the bar, we keep pace by adding features benefitting athletic departments."

FinalForms is an online, mobile application that collects registrations from parents and students via online forms. FinalForms develops custom online forms ranging from 'Consent to Receive Text Messages' to 'Emergency Medical Authorization' and many more. Data is easily sorted, filtered, searched, printed and exported making FinalForms a must-have for every efficiency-minded administration. FinalForms currently serves more than 55,000 students and OHSAA athletes in more than 75 high schools.

FinalForms also tackles competitive balance. The OHSAA leadership will soon act upon a push from member schools to create a equitable playing field by requiring a Divisional Placement Report. This report includes data that will determine the placement of respective team sports into the appropriate division for competition. FinalForms is leading the charge in making this simple for athletic departments. "FinalForms collects all the required data for the Divisional Placement Report. We allow an Athletic Director to create a report with one click, rather than hours of unnecessary meetings, calls, mapping and mathematics," says Burnett. "As a coach, I understand the importance of competitive balance. FinalForms will do everything possible to assist the OHSAA in this endeavor."

Burnett and FinalForms co-founder, Macklin Chaffee know all about pace in business as well as athletics. The duo has recently run 4:09 (Burnett) and 3:56 (Chaffee) for the mile. "Pace is a part of our daily routine. Whether it's running or developing FinalForms, we know winners set the pace," claims Burnett. "We frequently receive positive feedback and great ideas, so the pace of development is grueling. It is fulfilling when we see athletes, coaches and schools achieving goals with FinalForms as a foundation facilitating athletics."

Created in 2012, FinalForms is an online application that streamlines communication and data between administrators, coaches, athletic trainers, parents and students. Company co-founders Clay Burnett and Macklin Chaffee are former All-Ohio athletes. FinalForms is currently serving over 55,000 student-athletes at more than 75 Ohio schools. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @finalforms.

Clay Burnett
Co-Founder and President


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