Finally - An End to the Buzz!

Introducing the Buzz Killer Card Designed to Eliminate that Annoying Buzz From Cell Phones

Oct 13, 2010, 08:30 ET from The Buzz Killers

NEW YORK, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Buzz Killers ( announces the revolutionary Buzz Killer Card, a new, easy-to-use cell phone accessory that eliminates buzzing interference that audio devices – such as conference call speakerphones, desktop lines, desktop speakers, baby monitors, and clock radios – pick up (and buzz!) when a mobile device is nearby.

The Card, which is slightly larger than a standard cell phone, is designed with a proprietary, patent-pending alloy technology that neutralizes cell phone radio interference.

That annoying buzz occurs when an electrical audio device amplifies a cell phone radio signal. The buzzing problem is so common because 80 percent of the world's cell phones rely on GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) technology. GSM phones transmit at a pulse rate that, when picked up and converted by a speaker in an audio device, is transmitted as audio noise – that annoying buzz.

"Driven absolutely crazy alongside millions of other cell phone owners, we were determined to find a solution – once and for all – to the buzz problem," said Stephen Mellert, Chief Executive Officer of The Buzz Killers. "We conducted months and months of in-depth research on cell phone transmission frequencies and a range of trials, and errors, on various materials until we arrived at the perfect solution."

Two primary reasons for the Buzz Killer Card success to date are its ease of use and customizable design.

The Buzz Killer Card users simply need to place their cell phone on the Card to eliminate the interference. Like a mouse-pad for your phone, the Buzz Killer Card can be used virtually anywhere including meeting rooms with conference phones, offices and cubicles, trading desks, home offices, cars, audio studios, baby nurseries, etc.

Second, businesses have found that the Buzz Killer Card's customizable design provides a perfect platform for customer-directed corporate marketing and branding, making it an ideal corporate give-away for conference events and exhibitions. Businesses using the Buzz Killer Card, have described it as an ideal marketing tool that provides a great "ice breaker" moment that creates a bond between presenter and recipient.

"Our research has shown that the Buzz Killer Card has a high-perceived value and is rarely discarded by the recipient.  Thus, your businesses' brand is reinforced with high visibility and constant attention," said Adam Sloan, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, The Buzz Killers. "Our corporate clients have also purchased Cards for internal use and praise the Card's effectiveness by adding to productivity in the workplace."

Each Buzz Killer Card is 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" and comes individually wrapped.  Custom shapes are available at additional cost.  For branded requests the Card can imprinted with any graphic using 4-color process (CMYK).  The minimum order for custom branded requests is 250 Cards and is produced and shipped in two weeks.

Additional facts regarding the Buzz Killer Card:

  • It does not interfere with phone calls, emails or texts;
  • It works seamlessly with all Bluetooth devices;
  • It does not have an effect on cell phone battery life; and
  • It lasts forever - the patent-pending alloy will not degrade over time so your Card will not "wear out".

About The Buzz Killers:

In April 2009, The Buzz Killers ( developed a patent-pending alloy that effectively eliminates the annoying buzz problem.  The team worked diligently to create a single, universal product that would work on all phones, regardless of make and model. The finished product, only slightly larger than a cell phone, has proven to be an effective corporate brand product and the firm has grown into a consumer products company. The Buzz Killers is a privately-held firm based in New York City.


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