Financial Funding LLC Has Determined The 25 Best Cities For Commercial Loans

Oct 30, 2013, 10:00 ET from Financial Funding LLC

EATONTOWN, N.J., Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Financial Funding LLC statistics through June 2013 has determined what the 25 best Cities are for Commercial Loans.

There might be a recession going on in the United States right now but those in the know understand that re-igniting the commercial giant that is the United States is the quickest way to not only end the financial downturn but clear the financial deficit at the same time. America has finally started to realize that its economy has weakened in more ways than one, and that it's time to become a major force in the commercial world again, and to stay that way.

So this means starting new businesses, and lots of them, and this in turn means having commercial loans available to these same start-ups, allowing them to survive their first few precarious years in operation.  To learn how to submit commercial loans correctly, please visit our website.

Fortunately there are some cities which are more predisposed to commercial lending than others, and we've included the top 25 of these cities here for you.

You'll probably notice one or two interesting patterns, in that certain states have several cities which made the list for example.

1 San Antonio, TX

San Antonio always tends to feature towards the top of a list such as this, and is a constant source of economic success for the region.

2 El Paso, TX

The cross-border trade between El Paso and Mexico have provided this city with a lot of economic wealth.

3 Fort Collins, CO

A highly educated workforce and plenty of tech know-how means lots of new start-ups in Fort Collins.

4 Austin, TX

Several of the country's biggest tech companies have offices here, leading to lots of economic development.

5 Killeen, TX

A nearby military base means lots of defense jobs here, plus the resulting income for local businesses.

6 Salt Lake City, UT

This city boasts an interesting mix of high-tech industries, telecoms start-ups, and of course the traditional mining industries in the region.

7 Anchorage, AK

Shipping, shipping and more shipping gives Anchorage all the financial power it needs.

8 Huntsville, AL

The aerospace and defense industries in Huntsville provide it with a buoyant economy.

9 Provo-Orem, UT

There are already several massive IT and tech companies operating out of Provo, and more are destined to set up shop there.

10 Kennewick, WA

IT, manufacturing and healthcare industries all see Kennewick remain an industrial force to be reckoned with.

11 Charleston, SC

Boeing operating out of Charleston is enough, but the rest of the aerospace industry here just adds to the region's economic success.

12 Cambridge, MA

Some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies operate out of Cambridge, including Genzyme and Novartis for example.

13 Cedar Rapids, IA

A thriving aviation industry has seen continuing job growth in Cedar Rapids.

14 Raleigh, NC

With excellent prospect for ongoing and long term job growth Raleigh is benefitting from the diverse industries operating there.

15 Ogden, UT

Utah appears yet again on this list, and is rated as one of the primary centers for job creation in the United States.

16 Houston, TX

Black gold. Texas tea. Oil. This part of Texas has 15 times more gas and oil growth than anywhere else in the country, giving it vast economic wealth.

17 Washington, DC

The sheer number of federal jobs in Washington have kept the city afloat during the recession, although the recent Government shutdown has weakened that previous stronghold of employment.

18 McAllen, TX

Health care is at the heart of the financial success of McAllen.

19 Little Rock, AR

Two major universities and a thriving healthcare industry means that Little Rock is always on the up.

20 Dallas, TX

Just like the other Texan cities on the list Dallas is, and always has been, an attractive location for new start-ups of all kinds.

21 Bethesda, MD

This is an area steeped in venture capital and start-ups making commercial finance here a no-brainer.

22 Omaha, NE

A mixture of rail, finance and food industries in Omaha give it the kind of economic depth to survive any economic downturn.

23 Madison, WI

Madison is experiencing huge growth in its tech industries, with more than 10% of the workforce here involved in tech.

24 Fort Worth-Arlington, TX

A mix of shale gas exploration and transportation industries keeps Forth Worth in the economic loop.

25 Lubbock, TX

Some major telecom employers in Lubbock keep the economy in this part of Texas ticking over nicely.

As you can see Texas is as robust as ever when it comes to economic health, but Colorado is nipping at its heels.

It may not be too far into the future before Colorado overtakes Texas as the economic heartland of the United States.

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