Find Out How Colour Affects Us with New 'Complete Guide to Colour Psychology' Infographic

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LONDON, August 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --, one of the UK's premier luxury home fashion retailers, has just released a new infographic guide to colour psychology, showing exactly how colour affects our mood and behavior and how being aware of these effects can be used to our advantage.

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As well as looking at how different colours affect us, this detailed and interesting infographic looks at the theory of colour psychology, the different connotations it has (both in the UK and internationally) and covers some famous examples of colour use around the world.

For example, the infographic, entitled 'The Complete Guide to Colour Psychology', looks at the research completed in 1996 by Craen, Roos, De Vries and Kleijnen that demonstrated a notable placebo effect of medications of different colours. 'Hot' coloured pills were shown to be more effective as stimulants, whereas 'cold' coloured pills were shown to be more effective as relaxants.

The infographic also looks at a fascinating example of effective colour use from the year 2000, when blue street lighting was used as an anti-crime measure in Glasgow. The City Council changed street lighting in specific areas of the city to blue, with subsequent anecdotal evidence suggesting that this had a positive effect in reducing both crime and anti-social behavior.

Another section of the infographic looks at research from Kathy Lamancusa, which found that blue was the favourite colour of most Americans, followed by green: "It is thought that the preference for blue and green is evolutionary and is related to the type of environment favoured by our ancestors" the infographic noted.


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