Find Out What's Up "Down There" During Women's Health Week

~ NeoGyn® Encourages Women to Speak up About Their Vulvar Health

May 10, 2012, 09:39 ET from NeoGyn

NEW YORK, May 10, 2012  /PRNewswire/ -- National Women's Health Week runs from May 13-19 and includes National Women's Check-up Day on May 14. Throughout the week communities, businesses, health organizations and individuals join forces to promote women's health, encouraging women to receive regular check-ups, stay active and become more aware of their overall health.

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As part of Women's Health Week, NeoGyn® Vulvar Soothing Cream encourages women to become educated about their sexual health. Vulvar pain is debilitating and affects women's physical and mental health. Due to intimacy problems that can arise, vulvar pain often puts a strain on relationships as well. Whether caused by menopause, breast cancer treatment or a severe vulvar condition like vulvodynia, vulvar pain can cause symptoms that range from dryness and itching to an inability to engage in sexual activity.   

Estimated to affect 14 million American women, vulvar pain is a growing problem in our country, yet it receives very little attention.  Only one-third of women who experience vulvar pain voice the concern to their doctors and when they do, they are often misdiagnosed. Gynecologist appointments are so brief that the subject of pain doesn't even come up. Since it is possible for vulvar discomfort to occur without any outward physical symptoms, some women assume if their doctor doesn't mention an abnormality, the pain must be in their head.

NeoGyn's focus is to raise awareness for women as well as the product. Using NeoGyn can help restore the vulvar skin and soothe discomfort, but in order to gain relief, women first have to address the problem. During Women's Health Week, NeoGyn encourages women to stand up for their sexual health by educating themselves and demanding better care.

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About NeoGyn®:
NeoGyn® is a cosmetic product to help soothe and relieve vulvar discomfort. Formulated with Cutaneous Lysate, a proprietary growth factor and cytokine blend discovered in Switzerland, the product is non-greasy, fast absorbing and free of parabens, propylene glycol, color additives, fragrances and analgesics. Recommended by physicians and women's health professionals, NeoGyn® has a unique, patent pending blend of naturally balanced proteins that will help restore well-being and comfort with twice daily use over a period of at least 6 to 8 weeks.