Fingerprint's Apps-to-Pack for Summer Promote Brain Gain & Backseat Fun

Mobile Apps for Mobile Kids Stop the Age-old Question "Are we there yet?"

Jun 04, 2013, 07:07 ET from Fingerprint

SAN FRANCISCO, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- When packing for summer adventures, studies show that families reach for electronics first – even before sunscreen. Fingerprint, a mobile learn-and-play network for kids, reveals a range of new apps that offers irresistible gaming fun and helps kids stay sharp all summer long. From Kids Learn Mandarin to Franklin'sTalk & Playset, Miniscule to Sid the Science Kid: Slide to the Side, Lola & Lucy's Big Adventures to Watch & Find: VeggieTales, there's something to engage every child whether home or away.


In fact, families take more than 100 million leisure trips a year1 and each family juggles up to six devices2 – ranging from smart phones to tablets to laptops. It's no surprise, summer is the most popular travel time for families3 and that mobile devices are the first thing parents and kids pack for trips of any length.

"Whether hitting the road for a summer vacation or settling in for a family staycation, our growing library of apps offers families a fantastically fun way to avoid summer brain drain and combat backseat boredom," said Nancy MacIntyre, CEO and co-founder of Fingerprint. "By packing the right entertainment, parents can participate in their kids play choices and ensure that the journey is just as exciting and educational as the destination."

Parents cite summer as the most difficult time to engage kids in core educational activities, and their concern is well founded.  Research confirms most students lose about one month in general learning over the summer.4  "This summer, seize the opportunity to pack an electronic suitcase of captivating and entertaining apps that also pack an educational punch," said MacIntyre.

To date, Fingerprint families have logged nearly 100 million minutes of playtime while building skills in creativity, language, reading, math, geography, science, money and much more. Fingerprint's first-of-its-kind, mobile learn-and-play network offers a robust, one-stop shop for educational fun while inviting parents to stay engaged in the fun and learning.

As the family travel season heats up, book an educational excursion with these must-pack apps:

  • Kids Learn Mandarin (ages 3-8) Kids take a magical journey through 12 playgrounds with nearly 100 interactive games that teaches 240 Mandarin words through playful and progressive activities. Each lesson also features a music video, Chinese character writing practice and a playground that kids can decorate with stickers they earn as they learn.  (Cost: Free trial – $7.99)                                     
  • Sid the Science Kid - Sid's Slide to the Side (ages 4-8) – This appisode promotes exploration, discovery and science readiness as preschoolers manipulate different surfaces and objects to test resistance. This interactive story adventure incudes two Livebooks™, two games and several live action video clips – all based on the Sid the Science Kid episode "Slide to the Side", which explores the concept of friction.  (Cost: $2.99)
  • Minuscule: The Private Life of Insects (ages 6 to 106) – This racing app follows the story of a mischievous Ladybug, an angry Fly and an army of Red Ants, where kids take a fun foray into four life-like minuscule worlds with 30 races and learn fun facts about each of the 19 insects they encounter. (Cost: Free trial – $4.99)
  • Watch&Find: VeggieTales Games and Video Clips (ages 3-6) This lively VeggieTales® app features video clips, Silly Songs and gameplay that challenges kids to beat the clock and find all the hidden objects in a video clip, while the singing veggies teach life's important lessons. (Cost: Free trial – $1.99)
  • Lola & Lucy's Big Adventures (ages 4+) – This heartwarming interactive app and storybook for the iPad follows two English bulldogs who travel cross-country to find their purpose in life.  With 29 interactive pages, 17 mini games and more than 300 interactive surprises, Lola & Lucy promotes reading readiness, geography know how and even fun trivia related to dog breeds. (Cost: Free trial – $2.99)
  • Franklin Talk & Playset (ages 3-6)Immersed in the world of the beloved Franklin & Friends, this Playset includes four different activities: Franklin Talks, Puzzling Pieces, Shape Sliders, and Super Cluepers. The app features puzzles, games, rewards, and even a talking Franklin Toy. (Cost:  Free trial – $1.99)  (Coming soon)

So whether your child loves bugs or turtles, racing or reading, dogs or story-telling vegetables, Fingerprint has a wide range of apps-to-pack that will make the journey fun, educational and maybe even harmonious.

Enter the Apps-to-Pack contest for a chance to win an iPad bursting with Fingerprint's library of best-in-class apps that promise to keep a budding young student top of the class, even during the lazy days of summer.

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