Fire Protection Group, Inc. Offers Helpful Safety Tips to Campers this Summer

Camping can be a great way to reconnect to the natural world, but without the proper safety practices, human activity can also lead to hazardous wildfires.

Jul 17, 2013, 19:34 ET from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- For residents of the urban metropolis that is Los Angeles, camping in the wilderness can be a very effective way to reconnect with the natural world. Out in the elements, gaining a reverence for the raw power and inherent danger of fire is all but inevitable. Lead by some of the premier names in fire safety engineering and consulting, the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. understands firsthand that fire safety requires constant vigilance. Their general manager and lead engineer, George Saadian, has over 29 years of experience in the field of fire protection and fire alarm systems, having even drafted several code revisions that made it into new NFPA standards, and published several articles on the subject of fire safety. Providing everything from fire pumps to a first-rate fire escape ladder, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is always able to provide you with the ideal fire safety assistance.

While much can be gained by a reconnection with nature, unfortunately, the activities of civilized man in the natural world can also have some far-reaching ramifications. For example, though there are many possible causes of wildfire, the sad reality is that most are caused by human activities. When you're out camping, the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. implores you to remember that there are many steps you can utilize when burning outdoors for warmth, cooking or simply for fun.  

Along with Los Angeles Fire Department veterans Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, among others, Mr. Saadian leads a team that is both entirely committed to fire safety and exceptionally knowledgeable regarding the intricacies of the field. Having protected numerous homes from the hazards of wildfires, they are a subject that the team takes very seriously. For campers, the expert Fire Protection Services, Inc. team recommends building a good bed of coals or a small fire surrounded by rocks – campers should bear in mind that even a modest-sized fire will often give off plenty of heat. A ten-foot diameter surrounding the fire should be kept clear of any litter or burnable material that could keep the fire from spreading.

Once a fire has been burning for hours and it's finally dying out, many people tend to become lax with their safety precautions. However, campfires should never be left unattended, as even a small breeze can cause a fire to spread quickly. Once a campfire's usefulness has ended, it should be drowned with water, ensuring all embers, coals and sticks are wet. The remains should be stirred to ensure that no burning embers are hidden at the bottom. If water is unavailable, the fire should be covered in dirt. With their impeccable skill and unparalleled knowledge, the Fire Protection Group, Inc. team ensures that these steps will go a long way towards ensuring safe camping trip for your group and the natural environment alike.

By practicing fire safety this summer you can get in touch with nature while ensuring your environmental impact in minimized and your group is safe and secure. For consultancy and the finest fire safety products, the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. can always be trusted to offer expert knowledge regarding your fire safety concerns. If you need fire professionals to perform fire watch or any other fire protection services, call 888-251-3488 or visit online at today.

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