Fire Protection Group, Inc. Provides Security During Dangerous California Drought

The current drought raised fire danger in California to its highest level since the 1970s, but George Saadian's team at FPG, Inc. can provide life-saving measures.

Apr 25, 2014, 20:40 ET from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The temperate climate and bright sunny skies of California make it one of the most desirable states to live or visit. However, while in the midst of a three-year drought, the warm air and clear skies of SoCal become a dangerous liability, as the threat of fire grows substantially. That's why so many property owners throughout the region have expressed their gratitude for the fire pump testing, sprinkler installation and many other services offered at Fire Protection Group, Inc. Led by renowned fire safety expert George Saadian, the team at FPG, Inc. ensures that owners and managers of public and private facilities alike are equipped with the proper measures to protect their investments and the people under their care. While natural disasters and other fire dangers are a harsh fact of life in California, a fire sprinkler, alarm or extinguishers from FPG, Inc. can mean the difference between a close call and devastating tragedy.

FOX 5 San Diego reports that since the beginning of 2014, firefighters across the state have responded to nearly 900 fires – approximately three times as many as they would in a normal year. The news is particularly concerning as we enter the spring and summer months – commonly the driest and most fire-prone of the year throughout the Golden State. To put the risk into perspective, the fire danger hasn't been this high in about 40 years, when fires blazed across the state in the 1970s.

The pronounced danger has understandably had many state and local officials, as well as private property owners, on heightened alert and searching for any assistance they can find. Fortunately, the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. provides world-class fire safety products including fire alarm systems, fire pumps, generators, escape ladders as well as services like fire watch and consulting. Their reputation has made the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. a global leader in the industry, even gaining the respect of government officials, municipalities and inspectors throughout Southern California.

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., they understand that reliable fire safety service starts with exemplary leadership, and in their general manager and lead engineer George Saadian, they provide precisely that. For years, Mr. Saadian has been a central figure in fire suppression and safety. He is a published writer on the subject of fire protection, and has even successfully submitted revisions and additions to the National Fire Protection Association.

Though George Saadian's achievements are many, one of his most impressive feats in undoubtedly building an illustrious team at FPG, Inc. In fact, former LAFD Chief Al Hernandez serves as Chief Consultant at their firm, while retired LAFD Captain Bob Holloway has also recently provided his expertise to the team.  

This spring, fire danger is heightened in Southern California, but urban and rural residents of the region alike can breathe easy knowing they can count on the experienced, committed team at FPG, Inc. to keep their property safe and secure. For further information about the life-saving work at Fire Protection Group, Inc., please call 888-251-3488 or visit

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