First American Title Insurance Company's New York Division Rolls Out 2011 Continuing Legal Education Program

--Seminars Designed to Meet Strong Demand from New York's Legal Community--

Mar 03, 2011, 08:32 ET from First American Financial Corporation

SANTA ANA, Calif., March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- First American Title Insurance Company announced today its much anticipated 2011 program of Continuing Legal Education (CLE).

The 2011 CLE program provided by First American Title Insurance Company's New York Division offers 25 individual seminars on a range of topics from "Title Insurance 101" to timely and more practice-specific courses such as "Transfer and Mortgage Taxes in Foreclosure and Bankruptcy."

The 2011 program is designed to satisfy increasing demand for market-specific information from attorneys and other professionals in the real property sector, as New York's real estate markets enters recovery. Course information is designed to serve as a valuable resource to those seeking to understand regulatory developments impacting the industry.

For many years, First American has been the largest and most prolific provider of real estate-oriented CLE courses in New York. In 2010, approximately 2,500 attendees participated in nearly 60 individual CLE presentations across New York City and Long Island.

Featured lecturers this year are renowned veteran title experts, Michael J. Berey and S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq. Both are First American executives, frequent CLE lecturers and prolific contributors of real estate law articles to the prestigious New York Law Journal and the New York Real Property Law Journal.  

Among his numerous contributions to the CLE program in 2011, Berey will be lecturing on current developments in New York case law affecting real property and New York City development rights, a discussion of the law authorizing the transfer of development rights. Compton's many presentations this year will include courses on 1031 exchanges, commercial leasing and title insurance in sophisticated real estate loans.

The CLE program also features seminars led by First American's Andrew Jaeger, Esq.; Anthony Vozza, Esq.; David Wanetik, Esq.; Mitchell Gluck Esq.; Matthew Cahill, Esq.; Stephen Farber, Esq.; Vincent Plaia, Esq. and John Kelley, Esq.

Dedicated to keeping New York's real estate community abreast of key topics and developments, First American's CLE seminars are available on request and at the convenience of those they serve. For more information or to schedule a CLE presentation, First American invites interested parties to contact Michelle Donaldson at (212) 922-9700 or

The full program of First American's 2011 CLE seminars follows:




1031 Exchange

An overview of the process and requirements for a tax-deferred exchange under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq.

The 2006 ALTA Forms

Insuring Clauses, Exclusions and Conditions in the 2006 ALTA title insurance policies.

Michael J. Berey, Esq., S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq., or Andrew D. Jaeger, Esq.

Building Loans & New York's Lien Law

Construction lending in New York including transaction structures and lien priority issues.

Michael J. Berey, Esq.

Claims Chronicles

A review of actual claims files and litigation discussing real property law and title insurance coverage issues.

James Thanasules, Esq.

Commercial Leasing 101

Basic lease negotiation from both the landlord's and the tenant's counsels' perspectives.

S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq.

Current Developments

Discussion of recent New York case law affecting real property.

Michael J. Berey, Esq.

DIP Financing and Other Bankruptcy Concerns for the Transactional Real Estate Lawyer

A discussion of real estate and title insurance issues in various bankruptcy contexts, including DIP financings, 363 sales and exit financings.

S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq. or Andrew D. Jaeger, Esq.

Ethical Conflicts for Real Estate Practitioners

This program compares the new "Rules of Professional Conduct" enacted 4/1/09 to the old "Code of Professional Responsibility" and discusses specific conflicts of interests and IOLA account considerations faced by the real estate practitioner.

S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq. or Anthony Vozza, Esq.

How to Conduct a Real Estate Closings

For newly admitted attorneys, as well as practitioners delving into the transactional residential real estate field, this program offers a review of the drafting, negotiation and execution of the residential contract of sale and considerations in representing the residential purchaser/seller.

Anthony Vozza, Esq.

Marketable Title

Discussion of principles, New York case law and statutes concerning marketable title.

Michael J. Berey, Esq.

Mortgage Recording Tax

Understanding and applying New York's mortgage recording tax statute.

Michael J. Berey, Esq.

New York City Development Rights

A discussion of the law authorizing the transfer of development rights.

Michael J. Berey, Esq.

Real Estate and Title Insurance in Corporate Transactions

Critical real estate issues can be overlooked in a broader corporate transaction. This program discusses issues such as the impact of transfer and mortgage taxes, and title insurance.

Andrew D. Jaeger, Esq.

Real Estate in Distress and Title Insurance

The value of title insurance in restructuring real property in distress.

Michael J. Berey, Esq.

Revised Article 9: Pitfalls and Protections –UCC Insurance

A review of changes made by and arising from the revisions to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code as well as cases and the benefits of the various UCC Insurance products providing risk management in commercial real estate transactions.

David L. Wanetik, Esq.

Surveys 101

Survey review and its application to title insurance.

Mitchell Gluck, Esq., or Andrew D. Jaeger, Esq.

Title Insurance 101

An overview of the title insurance process including the review and negotiation of title reports.

Michael J. Berey, Esq., Matthew Cahill, Esq., S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq., Stephen R. Farber, Esq., or Andrew D. Jaeger, Esq.

Title Insurance 102

A title insurance report negotiating session with class participation.

S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq.

Title Insurance for Co-operative Units

The Eagle 9™ UCC Policy for co-operative unit buyers and lenders: application and underwriting.

S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq.

Title Insurance in Sophisticated Real Estate Loans in 2011

Non-imputation and mezzanine loan endorsements; UCC insurance.

S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq.

Transfer and Mortgage Taxes in Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

How consideration is calculated for transfer tax in a foreclosure and for a Bankruptcy sale. Mortgage recording tax as it relates to foreclosures and how it is dealt with in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Vincent L. Plaia, Esq.

Transfer Taxes in New York

A discussion of New York State and New York City transfer tax implications on the transfer of real estate in New York.

Matthew Cahill, Esq., Stephen R. Farber, Esq., Andrew D. Jaeger, Esq., or John P. Kelley, Esq.

UCC RA9 II – Coming in 2013 – What You Can Do Now

Recommended amendments to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code may be effective in 2013. Some of the recommended practices should be implemented immediately. A review of recent case law which has interpreted various portions of the UCC in a way to question established practices.

David L. Wanetik, Esq.

Workouts 101

A discussion of the loan work-out process from both the borrower's and lender's counsels' perspectives.

S.H. Spencer Compton, Esq. or Andrew D. Jaeger, Esq.

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