First Brain Surgeon EVER to Produce Movie Documentary and Book, Tackling American Healthcare Problems!

Michigan neurosurgeon says Obamacare, though well intended, is NOT the complete answer

Feb 05, 2013, 08:00 ET from Dr. Vivek Palavali

FLINT, Mich., Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Vivekanand Palavali, M.D., who regularly performs medicine's most intricate and complicated neurosurgeries, dissects America's healthcare system in a new book and documentary titled "Bitter Pill: America and Healthcare in America."

The United States spends almost $3 trillion annually on health care, yet 50 million Americans are uninsured. "This is unconscionable in a country as rich as ours," stated Dr. Palavali.  "The societies in Western Europe, for example, spend far less, yet provide universal healthcare, and their citizens are healthier and and live longer," he added.

The book and movie are "eye opening" accounts of Dr. Palavali's dissection of the medical industry in order to better understand the deep-rooted cancer that is destroying US health care.  Dr. Palavali traveled the world to gain insights into how to achieve decent and affordable health care for all Americans. In his accomplished surgical practice, and the doctor contemplates workable solutions to the expensive and seriously insufficient healthcare in this country.

Mr. Ron Shinkman, editor of Fierce Health Finance, called Bitter Pill, "A better effort than Michael Moore's 2007 investigation of the healthcare system, 'Sicko.'"  A leading authority on health care issues, Shinkman said, "It is far more matter-of-fact and isn't silted with propagandistic stunts," in his comparison to Moore's film.  Ironically, Dr. Palavali practices medicine neurosurgery in Moore's hometown of Flint.

Palavali, a celebrated brain neurosurgeon, approached this new book and film project intent on diagnosing the disease that is destroying American health care. In "Bitter Pill", Dr. Palavali does a comprehensive and global examination of healthcare, in order to suggest a feasible prescription to cure our nation's healthcare sickness.

During the production of the documentary, Dr. Palavali shot all the video himself and conducted the interviews. He also edited and directed much of the work in post-production.  In writing the book, Dr. Palavali researched all the necessary information himself.  These fact-filled, entertaining projects were completed while the doctor also maintained a full time surgical practice!

Dr. Palavali is available for compelling interviews with your audience.  Addressing Obamacare, the doctor stated firmly, "It doesn't go far enough. My book and movie contain some answers that could help healthcare reform to complete its job."

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