First Responders to Benefit From Avir Sensors' ChemSight®

Security Device Detects Chemical Threats for Homeland Security and Industrial Applications

Jun 29, 2010, 10:00 ET from Avir Sensors

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Avir Sensors' (AVIR) ChemSight® is a security device that detects and identifies airborne chemicals within seconds. You might not notice this hazardous gas detection system as you walk through a subway station or airport because the two-part open path system was designed to inconspicuously monitor toxins in the air. This chemical detection capability for fixed security applications is vitally important for the protection of critical facilities.

The ChemSight® Detector is particularly suitable to monitor large spaces, indoor or outdoors, that face constantly varying challenges by multiple threats such as military bases, industrial facilities, financial centers, traffic check-points and high visibility civilian assets such as airports, stadiums or specific events. The product is a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology with SAFETY Act designation. The ability of first responders to react quickly in a crisis situation can minimize the impact on the local population and the area's assets.

"Having been tested both domestically and internationally, our product has a proven record of success." said Dr. Gaby Laufer, Founder and President of Avir Sensors. "When it comes to protecting peoples' lives, trust is paramount. The ChemSight® has established itself as a security product that can deliver not within minutes, but seconds."

Developed at the University of Virginia and tested in a major U.S. metropolitan subway system, the ChemSight® is highly reliable with the ability to monitor lines of sight of up to 45 meters and detect and identify nearly instantaneously multiple chemicals and interferants.  It is robust, easy to install and operate.  The ChemSight® requires no consumables, is nearly maintenance free and thus the only "install-and-forget" detector in the field.  It can be installed permanently to monitor continuously building ventilation systems, transportation facilities or the perimeters of critical areas, or it can be installed temporarily to monitor and protect singular events such as a sport championship or presidential inauguration.  

One of the most serious threats to homeland security and industrial safety is the willful or accidental emission of highly toxic chemicals.  More than 120 chemical plants in the US are located at or near densely populated areas, each with the potential to affect over one million people even by a moderate release.  Many of these plants are vulnerable and present an attractive target.  Equally, they have the potential to develop normal or accidental infrastructure failures, such as that experienced at Bhopal, India.  

Similarly, large quantities of toxic chemicals are transported daily through populated areas by truck and rail without significant protection.  Many of these chemicals are gaseous under normal conditions, exceptionally toxic, odorless and colorless (e.g., phosgene).  When released, they can spread quickly, moving invisibly and often with only little dissipation.  Any accident or attack can easily affect critical infrastructure, long stretches of highway/rail and large residential areas for prolonged periods of time.

Despite this obvious and well-acknowledged threat, first responders generally are ill-prepared and poorly-equipped to respond.  The ChemSight® design provides advanced warning and consequence-management capabilities which makes it a necessity for emergency crews.

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