First Technology, Then Games, Now Music – Audiodraft Aims to be the Next Industry-Changing Solution Emerging from Finland

Audiodraft is disrupting the advertising and film industries with a global production platform for custom audio.

Dec 21, 2015, 09:00 ET from Audiodraft

HELSINKI, December 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Audiodraft is changing the way audio is being used and commissioned in the advertising and film industries throughout the world. The small and fierce music startup originating from Helsinki has a big promise: to deliver unique and custom audio to any project, no matter the budget or the schedule. Audiodraft represents over 20,000 artists globally and aims to make stock music irrelevant for professional projects. The company has recently opened an office in New York City.

The company's home base is in Finland which has been known as a country bringing up great technological innovations. The progressive nation's current emphasis is on creative platform services and technological solutions. Audiodraft represents yet another chapter in this new era of the rising Finnish entertainment and media industry.

"Many markets are global by default nowadays. Finnish tech companies have always been thinking globally because of the small local market. The mindset and the ambition are truly set on an international level with Audiodraft as we are already working with agencies in Europe and now stepping up the game in the US with the New York office," Teemu Yli-Hollo, CEO

The Audiodraft platform is built by combining big data with scalable human factors and knowledge - factors that creative processes like music composition and sound design require. The service offers a turnaround time of a few hours for custom audio thanks to its experience based on over 30,000 unique tracks processed and representing tens of thousands of composers and sound designers from over a hundred countries.

Unique, recognisable visual identity is a no-brainer for any successful company. But many businesses are still missing a clear sonic identity despite the fact that the impact of customer communication is increased over tenfold with uniform audio branding*. The identity is not just an audio logo, but also includes any sound or music attached to the visual marketing message. Audiodraft offers a quick and cost-effective way to produce sound for any kind of commercial content, beating traditional audio libraries and stock music in quality and promptness. The platform provides convenient access to unique and custom made audio on any schedule and budget with a fixed monthly or yearly pricing.

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