Fitness Expert And Guru Offers 3 Tips For Reducing Stress

Jeff Halevy, Who Has Helped Celebrity Clients and Public Health Initiatives, Recommends Gentle Yoga, Mindful Meditation and Nightly Epsom Salt Baths

Jul 17, 2014, 09:30 ET from Epsom Salt Council

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- When Jeff Halevy faces stress, the fitness expert who has helped both clients and public health initiatives turns to three remedies: mindful meditation, gentle yoga and nightly Epsom salt baths.

Halevy, a contributing fitness expert for several major television networks, works with clients ranging from Hollywood and Wall Street "royalty" to true international royalty. He guides them toward health and happiness, whether it's a battle against obesity, depression and addiction, or a challenging life that may need restoration, balance and power.

Halevy recommends exercise, of course, but he said that can also add stress to the body. When times got tough for him recently, he tried some different techniques:

  • Soaking in Epsom salt nightly. Halevy suggests adding 1 cup of lavender-scented Epsom salt to his bath and soaking for 10 minutes, which he calls the "minimum effective dose."

    "I definitely experienced decreases in aches and stress," he said.

  • Taking a gentle yoga class twice a week.  Slow yoga emphasizes posture and breathing, helping him focus.
  • Practicing meditation. Halevy has long done transcendental meditation, repeating a mantra to help escape from his body. Now, however, Halevy has shifted to mindful meditation. It focuses on breathing, pulled him into his body to be more aware of the moment.

"My stress levels were through the roof," Halevy said, "but this was a perfect storm of what almost felt like happy, accidental discoveries."

About Jeff Halevy

Jeff Halevy, star of TV series "Workout From Within with Jeff Halevy," is the CEO and founder of boutique New York City personal training gym Halevy Life. As a result of his successes with both clients and public health initiatives, Jeff has earned distinction as a "fitness guru" and "star fitness and nutrition expert" by both local and national media, and most notably was chosen by Newark Mayor Cory Booker to create a healthy lifestyle program for the First Lady's Let's Move! campaign. In addition to helping his high-profile and celebrity clientele achieve incredible physical shape, Jeff has counseled clients with behavioral and emotional issues ranging from anorexia and depression to substance abuse and anxiety disorders using a skill set consisting largely of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis methodology. Jeff's unique expertise has led to features on NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX and other major networks, and in many publications including Men's Health, Women's Health, SELF and Forbes. Jeff has also had the honor of consulting congressional campaigns and keynoting international health and wellness conferences. To learn more, please visit, or

About Epsom salt

Epsom salt — actually magnesium sulfate — is one of the most versatile household products, with uses ranging from creating at-home spa treatments to soothing achy muscles to helping start or improve gardens. It's been used therapeutically for hundreds of years, and it's gaining a new generation of fans looking for a safe, economical alternative in a sea of expensive, over-the-counter remedies. Epsom salt is easy to use, easy to find in your local pharmacy or grocery store and it costs about the same per use as a cup of coffee. For more information, please visit either,, or contact Peter Smolowitz, 704-916-6163,

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