Fitness Technology Developed For Astronauts Now Available In Portable Gym

Fitness breakthrough used by NASA replaces weights in DoubleFlex® Total Body Portable gym

Feb 02, 2016, 10:01 ET from OYO Fitness

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- OYO Fitness® is launching the DoubleFlex®, a total body portable gym, powered by SpiraFlex® technology developed for NASA, which has been proven to provide similar benefits to weight training - without weights. SpiraFlex enables the DoubleFlex gym to be lightweight and portable, yet provide total body fitness at home, office or traveling. Patented DoubleFlex action provides smooth consistent resistance to opposing muscles groups during each DoubleFlex movement, helping build a balanced body more efficiently.

Houston, we have a problem. "NASA was trying to figure out how to keep their astronauts in top shape in a weightless environment," says Paul Francis, CEO of OYO Fitness LLC. "A 16-week study commissioned by NASA found SpiraFlex provided similar gains in strength and lean muscle compared to free-weights, which is the benchmark for strength training. It was mission critical to install our SpiraFlex-powered Resistive Exercise Device before the first crew arrived on the International Space Station and over 50 crewmembers have kept in shape with patented SpiraFlex resistance technology." Francis is no stranger to the fitness industry, as he has partnered in the past with some of the top fitness brands, and has also licensed SpiraFlex to Nautilus, Inc. to power what many people consider the best home gym yet, the Bowflex® Revolution®.

"One of the amazing advantages of the DoubleFlex is that it feels like free-weight or cable machine resistance, yet weighs less than 2 pounds!" enthuses Nick Bolton, celebrity trainer and Director of Fitness at OYO. "People can skip the crowded health club and still have a total body workout almost anywhere."

Included with the DoubleFlex are a complete range of workouts and nutrition programs developed by Bolton for any starting fitness level, which were used in his highly successful 10-Week DoubleFlex Challenge Program. Using the DoubleFlex 3 to 5 times per week and following nutrition guidelines, 15 participants lost an average of 17 pounds and 19 inches in just 10 weeks. Participant Joann Elliott, who lost 20 pounds and 20.5 inches says, "I have strengthened my knees and they don't hurt like they did, lowered my cholesterol, become stronger in my upper body and have some definition in my arms which I never had before."

Bolton claims, "When the average person thinks of losing weight they don't think about strength training, but resistance training has been proven to create lean muscle, shifting the body into fat burning overdrive!"

Dr. Robert Bilkovski, MD believes applications for the DoubleFlex go beyond traditional equipment, "The ergonomic and lightweight design allows it to be used by physical therapists for patients with shoulder or joint issues, as well as people with disabilities that normally would not allow the use of free weights."

"I founded OYO Fitness to build a company that provides effective, fun, fitness solutions that eliminate barriers to achieving and maintaining health." Francis continues, "Studies show resistance training builds bone and muscle, burns fat and makes you feel better, look younger and live longer. Our OYO team strives to create innovative products you can get fit with OYO (On Your Own), that help you meet and beat life's challenges!"

The DoubleFlex sells for $129.99, and is available on the company's website, Look for more innovative OYO Fitness products in the coming months and tune in to QVC February 25 for our live presentation featuring OYO Director of Fitness Nick Bolton.


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