Fitness Tracking Apps: Not Just for Exercise Anymore

Endomondo Fitness App Users Get Creative with Technology

Jun 27, 2013, 13:45 ET from Endomondo

SAN FRANCISCO, June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mankind historically finds alternative uses for any tool.  The mobile Endomondo Sports Tracker, downloaded by 16 million people worldwide, is not excluded from this historical fact.  And for fun, creators of the free app asked users how they utilize the service beyond exercise.  The responses were enlightening and, at times, comical.


Because Endomondo's smartphone app tracks, maps and shares an individual's outdoor fitness activities, many people use the "live" tracking feature as a safety tool.  They simply switch on the app before leaving home or work so loved ones can follow travel progress and potentially recognize emergency situations.  Parents, too, seem to be using the technology to follow the whereabouts of children.

The public safety sector has also found secondary uses for Endomondo.  Some police officers use the app to record patrol routes, and share that information with citizens as a form of accountability at day's end.  Search and Rescue teams have also used the tracking and mapping features to record the progress of searches.  The technology has even been used to map a wildfire burn perimeter.

Additional feedback from users can be viewed at Endomondo's Facebook page.  Other unique uses include:

- Remembering where car is parked.      

- Remembering how to get back to hotel.

- Tracking cat/dog daily activities.           

- Mapping useful shortcuts.

- Measuring the speed of a train/plane.    

- Pub crawl guide.

- Wild mushroom harvesting map.          

- Escape from a corn maze.

- Dog sled team training.                     

- Pipeline mapping.                                        

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