Fitness You Can Count On - Fleetly Launches The First App That Evaluates Your Fitness Level

Amateur triathlete creates app that lets you compare, share and compete with friends - no matter the activity - making fitness more social

Sep 22, 2011, 09:00 ET from Fleetly

NEW YORK and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Fleetly today announces the launch of a new fitness app that analyzes your goals, body, and workout history, along with the combined results of all users, to benchmark your changing Fitness Level – all while challenging you to compete for bragging rights on leaderboards. Whatever your Fitness Level or goal, Fleetly monitors your progress, plateaus and your training log – from time exercised, to weight lifted, to distance run – to provide recommendations that continually change based on your progress. The app is available today for free on the web at and for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch at

"I'm delighted to introduce Fleetly, the first app that lets you check in on your fitness and evaluate your overall Fitness Level, based on all the exercise that you do, from weight training to long distance running," said Fleetly founder Geoff Pitfield. "It helps athletes of all levels celebrate their fitness achievements in a fun, social and aspirational way."

As an amateur triathlete, Geoff was inspired to create Fleetly during his initial training. He wanted to track his progress, but nothing existed that supported the variety of activities he was doing. Like so many athletes, Geoff wanted a fun, easy way to quantify the effort he was putting into his exercise, to chart his progress and to share goals and milestones with his social network. "Along with my athletic goals," Geoff recalls, "I started chasing a product idea: could I create something fun that tracked and quantified all types of exercise?"

Meet Fleetly

Fleetly helps you set fitness goals and monitor how your personal fitness changes, based on the exercises you do. More than simply tracking your exercises, Fleetly provides an ongoing numerical rating of your current Fitness Level, which you can compare with those of friends and other active people. But Fleetly isn't all workout no play: by rewarding your efforts through peer-group recognition and keeping you motivated with challenges, leaderboards and medals, Fleetly makes fitness more social and fun.

With more than 200 HD instructional videos and more than 260 exercise instructions, Fleetly lets you find and create exercises and workouts to help you reach your goal – whether it's sport-specific, or targeted towards a particular fitness objective. From aerobics to yoga, Fleetly lets anybody, at any level, monitor and manage their fitness based on a varied range of exercises. The app is compatible with Nike+ and the Withings WiFi Body Scale.

About Fleetly

Fleetly is the creator of the first fitness app that calculates your Fitness Level based on your exercises and your body type. Fleetly founder Geoff Pitfield is an amateur triathlete who used multiple fitness tools to track and measure his training progress. When no app or device could cover a wide enough range of exercises, he created one himself.

Fleetly is a private company headquartered in Vancouver, with an office in New York.

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