Flame Seal Products, Inc Announces 90% Growth In First Quarter Sales

Strong growth trends continue in spite of winter slow-down in Construction and Shipping

Apr 09, 2013, 09:00 ET from Flame Seal Products, Inc.

HOUSTON, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- FLAME SEAL PRODUCTS (OTCPink: FLMP) gross sales for the Quarter ending March 31, 2013 were up 90% compared with the First Quarter of 2012, and up over 52% compared with the Fourth Quarter of 2012.  The growth trend which began in December is continuing, primarily in the Spray Foam Insulation Market with the Company's premier product, Flame Seal-TB. 

First Quarter sales totals were $592,798 (the strongest quarter to date), compared to $311,858 for the First Quarter a year ago.  Fourth Quarter 2012 gross sales totaled $388,229.  Further, the Company has already received projections from Contracting Firms in key markets totaling over $500,000 over the next 60 days.  These are provided to alert Flame Seal of upcoming requirements, including the volume and dates for production planning.  This is to assure all delivery requirements will be met, and the more difficult raw materials can be acquired uninterrupted, to avoid problems which commonly occur during periods of very high sales growth as is being experienced by Flame Seal at this time.  These in-hand projections, plus the day-to-day sales that will occur during the period, strongly indicate an ever increasing growth rate for the second quarter.

From the President: 

"Hello fellow shareholders.  As we all can see, the Company is firmly on a positive track.  There are three indicators that imply these trends will not only continue, by gain momentum.  (1) The December growth occurred in spite of the fact that December is traditionally a very slow month for Construction related businesses due to the weather and holidays.  Yet, Flame Seal experienced very strong week-to-week sales increases compared with previous months.  (2)  There were two major blizzards that affected shipping and delayed construction jobs in the Northwest, which is where a large number of Flame Seal's active customers work.  This created a 2-3 week period during which most shipments remained in the Company's warehouse waiting for the weather to clear.  Yet, regardless of the resulting virtual standstill in shipments, Flame Seal recorded record revenues for the Quarter.  (3) The average size of orders has increased dramatically over the last several weeks, including client projections.  Instead of a large number of 10-50 gallon orders, the Company is receiving a high percentage of orders of 250-1,000 gallons range, showing good results from its initiatives that target high profile construction, Architects, and large Contracting Firms.    

"These interpretations are further supported by growing positive feedback, and ongoing growth in responses throughout the Spray Foam Insulation Industry to Flame Seal's extensive Marketing Programs that were implemented in 2012, especially its Customer Support, and Applicator training systems.  All good news, and I feel this bodes very well for the upcoming quarter, the year, and beyond."  (Michael D. Kiser, President of Flame Seal Products, inc.) 

For more details of the Company, Investors can review the Company's Sales and Marketing Programs, as well as its Plan and projections for 2013, in its 2012 Annual Report published at OTCMarkets.com (otciq.com).


The Company, which recently terminated the agreement with its IR/PR team, is in the process of engaging the services of a large, established IR firm for its Investor Awareness programs.  Progress and developments for this, as well as the growing sales activity in the Company's key markets, will be presented in future updates and Press Releases.


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