Flame Seal Products, Inc. Announces Upgrade Of Its Stock To "Current Reporting" Status

Jul 27, 2012, 14:30 ET from Flame Seal Products, Inc.

HOUSTON, July 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Flame Seal Products, Inc (symbol FLMP) releases the following:

Flame Seal Products, Inc. has made the decision to become a fully reporting company so that all Stock Brokers can trade FLMP stock.  Until now, most brokers have been restricted from accepting trades of FLMP due to its "Limited Information" status on OTCMarkets.  In fact, the number of dealers accepting trades of Limited Information stocks is diminishing every month. More importantly, even if a Broker does accept trades, they are forbidden from recommending or promoting a stock that is only providing limited information.       

A message from Flame Seal's President: "Due to recent developments of the Company, it has been determined that, for the first time, the timing is right to go through the difficult process of qualifying FLMP as a "Current Information" stock.  Although our commitment of our resources to growth makes this very difficult, I feel we are now at the point that we must do all we can to enable brokers that wish to openly recommend FLMP.

This is the first time Flame Seal will be at this level on the stock market, and such status will greatly increase the exposure of the stock through the brokers and promoters, and will open doors for Management to develop a true public awareness campaign where it matters most:  On Wall Street, within the financial community of brokers and dealers.

"We are finished with the financial and corporate record reviews, as well as compiling all information required to be filed.  The last step, an opinion letter from an SEC attorney, is almost complete.  The filing will be posted next week, and after review by OTCMarkets, FLMP should be upgraded to CURRENT INFORMATION shortly thereafter.

"I feel this is a very big step for Flame Seal, on the "public" side of this business.  We are at that point in the development of the Company that requires both the Core Business and the Public Stock aspects of Flame Seal work together to assure we gain the greatest advantage possible for our future development.  This, to make sure we seize the full scope of the opportunities of today, as well as those that lie ahead." 

Michael D. Kiser, President.


FLAME SEAL PRODUCTS, INC. (FLMP) began trading March 27, 2000 on OTCMarkets.  Flame Seal Products, Inc. is the Transfer Agent of record


Michael D. Kiser
Flame Seal Products (symbol: FLMP)
Offices: 713-668-4291
Website: www.flameseal.com

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