Flame Seal Receives Exceptional Response At ICAA Trade Show

Oct 18, 2012, 17:57 ET from Flame Seal Products, Inc.

HOUSTON, Oct. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Flame Seal Products Inc. (OTC: FLMP) today said it was pleased at the turnout and interest in its products as an exhibitor at the recent Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA) show in Dallas, Texas.

ICAA attendance marked an all time high for this event and was heavily attended by SPF Applicators, Foam Manufacturers and a host of affiliated industry supporters, which are potential customers for Flame Seal products.  The Flame Seal booth was fully staffed, including Mike Kiser, the Company's President, its Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Flame Seal's Technical Support Manager as well as its West Coast Sales Representative.

The Flame Seal booth was full of prospective applicators and contractors who expressed interest in Flame Seal-TB. "These potential customers were very impressed with our host of products, services and technology.  Our theme for the booth was 'Awareness of issues that create problems after a job is complete.'  Flame Seal focused upon the key items that create liabilities when using the latex based coatings that try to compete with Flame Seal-TB," Mr. Kiser explained. 

A new video was produced for the show that highlighted the significant differences between Flame Seal's World Class Intumescent Technology and common latex products.  These include:

  1. Flame Seal-TB is washable and the latex fire protection coatings are NOT.
  2. Its coating is created using 100% dedicated fire retardant ingredients, while others have a high percentage of latex (flammable), which is why none can perform like Flame Seal-TB.  Flame Seal has never failed a single Thermal Barrier test attempt over closed cell foam… and NO OTHER COMPANY CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM…a powerful point during discussions with potential customers, and which was included in the new video.
  3. Flame Seal runs all of its tests without studded walls (making them more difficult), which meets the exact wording of the code.  Competitors test only with studs, which act as fire dams and which does NOT meet the code wording.  In fact, such tests only qualify our competitors for use on studded walls, essentially making them tests without value.

A review of these key issues (termed as: 'End Use Configuration' test requirements) as required by the code, was on full display in the Flame Seal booth.

"We were very successful at winning over many at the show with this aggressive theme.  Interestingly, the washability issue had the most powerful effect on those who attended our booth, because most did not know that we were the only 'washable' product available," said Craig Keyser, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. 

"The best indicator of the overall progress Flame Seal has made in the Foam Insulation Industry came from comments we heard from industry professionals in attendance.  One stated that Flame Seal is no longer an outside company, but is 'part of the landscape' of spray foam. Another emphasized that the Thermal Barrier coating marketplace will belong to Flame Seal alone within six months.

"We were especially pleased to continue to expand our network of customers in the Industry and had very substantive discussions with our Preferred Partners," said Blake Rutherford, West Coast Sales Representative for Flame Seal.  "In fact, three manufacturers: Certainteed, Premium, and Biobased, placed signs in their booths (as did we) stating that they recommend our coating for Thermal Barrier applications for their foams.  We reciprocated by naming them as 'preferred partner' foam manufacturers." 

"This show marks another successful show for Flame Seal and our powerful Intumescent Technology - Flame Seal-TB and we are very pleased to report back to our investors about our progress and accomplishments," said Adam Attayi, Technical Support Manager.

About Insulation Contractors Association of America: ICAA, the trade association for residential and commercial thermal insulation contractors, has been helping insulators and their suppliers for over thirty years. ICAA promotes professionalism in the residential and commercial insulation contracting industry. The organization's mission is to assist our members by developing and executing programs which keep them on the leading edge of valuable information and knowledge in the rapidly changing world of insulation. For more information, please use the contact details provided below.


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