Flash Proof Design for Magnetic Liquid Level Indicators to Avoid False Readings and Damage

Jun 24, 2010, 09:25 ET from Clark-Reliance Corporation

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- A new magnetic liquid level indicator has been announced by its manufacturer, Clark-Reliance Corporation. Jerguson® Magnicator® II FlashProof  magnetic-liquid level gages feature a unique design that addresses two serious problems that can be encountered with standard level indicators: boiling fluids and flashing vapors. By employing a larger (3") Schedule 40 pipe and two internal guide tubes, entrained gases that build up under the float can harmlessly escape. The float is held to one side of the chamber to insure an optimized magnetic field in close proximity to the indicator, transmitter or switches. This provides an accurate float level and indicator reading.

Boiling fluids are commonly encountered when there are substantial temperature differences between the fluid in a storage vessel and the fluid in the gage being used to indicate the fluid's level. (For example, cold liquid in a vessel and a warm gage on a hot summer's day.) Boiling fluids can cause the magnetic float in a traditional level indicator to sink, creating a false level reading.

Flashing vapors can also cause the float in a traditional magnetic level gage to rapidly accelerate upwards, crashing the float into the top of the float chamber due to depressurization. Severe float damage is possible in this situation.

Applications where a flash proof design can be beneficial include those indicating the level of anhydrous ammonia and other refrigerants, LPG, ethane, light end hydrocarbons, liquid nitrogen, propane, methane and carbon dioxide.

Magnicator FlashProof Indicators comply to ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3 design requirements and are available with a full range of indicators, transmitters and switches.

Magnicator II Magnetic Liquid Level Indication Products have a patented float design which provides the strongest magnetic field of any magnetic level indicator. This uniquely strong field activates indicator flags, switches and transmitters with a reliability and certainty not found in other magnetic level gages.

The Clark-Reliance Corporation is a world leader in boiler level and control. The company's well-known brands constitute the broadest line of level instrumentation for boilers: Jerguson® liquid level gages and valves, Jacoby-Tarbox® sight flow indicators, Reliance® boiler level controls, Magne-Sonics® level measurement and control products and Clark Steam Specialties. Additionally, Clark-Reliance manufacturers Anderson® Separators, HYCOA transfer valves, filters and strainers, National Filtration Systems® engineered fuel gas filtration / separation systems and HYCOA custom hydraulic power units, hydraulic fitting devices, and metered lubrication system.

Clark-Reliance is celebrating over 125 years of boiler knowledge this year, as its roots go back to the Reliance Gauge Column Company founded in 1884.

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SOURCE Clark-Reliance Corporation