FlashFoto, Inc. Releases Face and Hair Compositing Library - New Technology Places People Into Surprising and Fantastical Scenes

Jun 17, 2010, 11:54 ET from FlashFoto

OAKLAND, Calif., June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- FlashFoto® today announced the immediate availability of its Face and Hair photo compositing software library. Face and Hair allows anyone to place their friends and family into surprising, humorous, and fantastical situations with a simple point and click. Possibilities include scenes range from the humorous to the fantastic, including vacation scenes, movie posters, meetings with celebrities, or insertion into famous historical events.

Before now, only expert users of high-end photo editing tools could compose someone into a scene.  FlashFoto changes all that today by introducing its Face and Hair Compositing Library, a technology that makes inserting people into scenes so easy it is practically automatic.

See it in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpMxXrQXFwI

Face and Hair works by a process that finds the face and hair to be substituted and extracts it from the photograph. That face and hair is then composited into the target photograph. In an image manipulation revolution, all of this is done automatically, solving a problem that previously could only be done by image processing professionals. Unlike other technologies that only substitute facial features, Face and Hair substitutes the hairstyle as well, capturing the individual's full personality and likeness.

"Allowing users to automatically separate face & hair from almost any photo is a great technological achievement." said Gil Sideman, CTO of Oddcast. "FlashFoto's simple to use and fully automated technology should allow us to provide this capability to our customers and can be a significant added value."

Face and Hair is a full featured embeddable module that provides detailed face measurements with face and hair region masks, enabling easy integration into target applications. The multi-threaded library can be delivered either online or as a feature within a desktop application. Face & Hair is the first product in FlashFoto's background removal product line. Mugshot, a waist up background removal will be released in the third quarter and full body background removal before the end of the year.

About FlashFoto®

FlashFoto® founded in 2007, develops products using patent-pending technology that detects people in images, separates the subject from the background and enables the creation of new photo products in real time.

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