FlexStake Enters Africa Market Through a Partnership With CP Fiberglass Ltd

High impact markers set to revolutionize Africa's infrastructure development.

Jun 02, 2010, 12:00 ET from CP Fiberglass Ltd from ,FlexStake Inc.

FORT MYERS, Fla., June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Fort Myers-based FlexStake Inc., a world leader in the manufacture of high impact markers has announced its partnership with CP Fiberglass Ltd, a Lagos-Nigeria, based company with interest in high performance infrastructural solutions. Entering the African market opens a new vista for FlexStake reach into international business with substantial benefits for many projects in Traffic management, Utility companies, Oil & Gas industry, Aviation and Civil works.

"This partnership is about two companies that place premium on high performance products and shared vision. A robust match that benefits infrastructure across the African continent in her drive for sustainable development," said Robert Hughes Jr., CEO FlexStake Inc. www.flexstake.com

With Africa's biggest market, Nigeria, an important US partner, is considered a strategic gateway to lucrative opportunities in Africa's emerging economies. According to Emma Adoghe, CEO of CP Fiberglass Ltd  www.cpfiberglass.com, "We are thrilled at the opportunity to partner with FlexStake Inc. because it fulfills an important piece of our vision of providing technologically advanced solutions that benefits our communities. Harsh operational environments in many African countries demand infrastructural components that can perform with fidelity for extended periods. The lack of access to materials and technical skills for needed maintenance aggravates this necessity," he said.

Barely hitting the shelf, high impact markers are already enhancing vehicular traffic for many projects including Carlton Gate Estate – a planned unit development in Lekki, Victoria IslandLagos. Currently, CP Fiberglass Ltd is engaged in talks with some partners about its traffic decongestion project for Lagos – a mega-city with notorious traffic congestion.

About FlexStake Inc.

FlexStake is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high quality markers, signs & accessories for various industries such as the traffic & highway system, the airport industry, the golfing community and the oil and pipeline industry.

About CP Fiberglass Ltd

CP Fiberglass Ltd specializes in advanced composites including fiberglass reinforced products. Our world-class product offerings find broad applications in many industries including Oil & Gas, Construction, Marine, industrial and defense.

SOURCE CP Fiberglass Ltd; FlexStake Inc.