Flink12 Launches Private Social Networking Service

Re-envisioned Social Sharing Puts Privacy First

Dec 14, 2010, 08:05 ET from Flink12, LLC

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Watch out, Facebook -- you have a formidable new competitor.  It's a new social service that restores confidentiality to social networking and was designed from inception to be private and intimate. Flink12 (www.flink12.com) encourages private sharing in small groups. A free service, it runs on the web, iPhone or iPad and instantly updates new information on all platforms. An Android version is launching this month.

The word "Flink" means twelve cows, and in this system it means groups of twelve friends sharing – privately.

The developers explain, "the phenomenal growth of online social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace has enabled millions of users to share and communicate with each other in exciting new ways. Unfortunately, use of these sites has been fraught with serious issues around privacy, security, and a distressing dilution of the importance of 'friends'.'

Reflecting a playful cow theme throughout Flink12, the developers assure users that the network was designed at its roots to be "udderly private." Anne Cowley, Flink12's chief executive officer, notes, "Flink means sharing only with people you know and care about and your information cannot be seen by outsiders. Users have complete control."

Unlike most services which provide a single "what I'm doing" status update, Flink12 separates a user's current status into separate emoticons. This allows users to quickly share an update with friends and family, or see their updates at a glance.

Flink's advantages include extremely quick sharing of:

  • current mood
  • current health
  • current activity
  • current event
  • photos
  • blog posting
  • private text messages
  • group chats
  • location mapping

It's also the only social network with its own unique music video themed "Get Your Flink On".  To celebrate it's debut,  Flink12 is running a dance competition. Information is available from www.flink12.com.

Ms. Cowley comments, "Flink12 is an invite-only service where you can only be connected through mutual consent. There are no public profiles, suggestions for 'people you might know,' friend-of-friend lists, or other information sharing. Your Flink12 connections are only connected to you, and do not have access to contact or see your network of friends and family."

It's a "radical departure from the existing social networks," says Darren Inksetter, chief technical officer. He adds that the change is "so profound that you can't compare it with other networks. We are a very different kind of social network."

The service is based on behavioral studies and observations that people may have a lot of casual acquaintances, but reserve their full confidence for select groups of trusted family, friends, or co-workers. Flink12 is the first online social service to focus on the connections that are the most important in your life.

Corporate headquarters are near Tampa, FL. The address is 18942 N. Dale Mabry, Suite 101, Lutz FL 33548. Contact Anne Cowley, phone 813 949- 4717 email pr@flink12.com. Fax 646 219-4749.