FlipChip International Announces Elite™ OPM Technology for High Yield Copper Wire Bonding on Multiple Nodes of Semiconductor Devices

Mar 18, 2013, 19:30 ET from FlipChip International

PHOENIX, March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- FlipChip International (FCI), the global technology leader in flip chip bumping and Wafer Level Packaging announced today its Elite™ OPM technology which provides a wider process window for copper wire bonding to support the growing transition of customer products away from costly gold wire.   OPM technology will be available from FlipChip Millennium Shanghai facility (FCMS), a subsidiary of FCI, and will provide an integral landing pad protection of the underlying semiconductor device for a broad variety of Semiconductor devices and Technology nodes.   

Ted Tessier, CTO of FCI said, "This innovative and patented solution originated in FCI's Corporate R&D Center in Phoenix, Arizona and was further deployed into volume manufacturing at our Shanghai FCMS wafer bumping facility.   As a result of the close collaboration with our subsidiary Millennium Microtech Shanghai (MMS) and its wire bonded package customers, Elite™ OPM is being introduced to address ongoing cost reduction needs and critical Reliability concerns such as pad cratering and pad peeling.   The rugged structural characteristics of Elite™ OPM enhanced pads ensure crater-free copper wire bonding with high yields in mass production".

"We are also currently evaluating IC devices designed with circuit-under-pads which is a common miniaturization design structure.  Based on our initial results, the OPM protected pads have provided robust protection of the circuits underneath, and the electronic performance of the device. We believe that IC designers will be able to utilize the benefits of Elite™ OPM to enable the design of smaller devices without package related concerns.  This product announcement is the first example of the synergy unleashed by our acquisition of MMS in mid-2012.  FCI expects to make further announcements in flip chip and 3D packaging technology within the next few months."

FCMS has initiated mass production Elite™ OPM services for copper wire bonding in March 2013.

FCI is a privately held supplier of products and services for the wafer bumping and wafer level packaging market. Its subsidiaries include FCMS and MMS. Both are located in Shanghai.

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