Flix on Stix Displays New Movie Distribution System at Airport Revenue News Conference

'Game-Changing' Technology Allows Consumers to Download Movies to a Portable USB Flash Drive

Mar 18, 2011, 10:15 ET from AVT

CORONA, Calif., March 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Flix on Stix (flixonstix.com) displayed their new kiosk that downloads movies to a portable flash drive at the recent Airport Revenue News Conference, titled "Game Changers," which featured products that represent the future of airport retailing.

The Flix on Stix system offers an almost limitless array of movie titles that can be viewed on any computer or through a set-top box to a television. The customer can choose how long they wish to keep each title, and there are never any late fees or DVDs to return.

For airport passengers, the system is ingenious because it is untethered and totally portable – so they don't need an internet connection and can watch their movie in-flight or in their hotel on their personal computer.

The Conference also highlighted the change in how products are sold at airports throughout the world, as they switch from manned retail establishments to self-serve automated systems.

AVT, Inc. (OTCQB: AVTCD), Flix on Stix's manufacturing partner, was also at the show, showing several new Automated Retailing systems that now offer products as diverse as iPods, bathing suits, sunglasses, cell phones, cosmetics, and even prescription drugs in a self-serve environment. These innovative machines engage customers, and dramatically reduce overhead costs.

AVT founder, Shannon Illingworth, commented on the growth potential of this industry. "We have received tremendous interest in our new Airport Automated Retailing Systems. It's the smart solution for the owner, the retailer, the airport and the customer."  

Robert Bienias, Managing Partner of Flix on Stix agrees. "This is a new era in media distribution and retailing, as consumers can now have convenience, choices, and content."

For more information on Flix on Stix, contact Robert Bienias, Managing Partner, at 951-220-6552, or visit the website at www.flixonstix.com.

For more information on AVT, call James Winsor, Chief Executive Officer, at 951-737-1057, visit AVT's Websites at: www.avtinconline.com or www.autoretail.com.