Florida Pain Clinic Society Announces New Executive Director.

Former FL Chief Prosecutor of Pain Clinics Takes Helm of the FLSPMP

Oct 26, 2010, 13:02 ET from Florida Society of Pain Management Providers

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The Florida Society of Pain Management Providers (www.Flspmp.org) announced today the appointment of Warren Pearson as its Executive Director.

Paul Sloan will be stepping down as Executive Director but will stay on as President of the Board - Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Sloan said: "Warren's immediate past position as Chief Prosecutor and prior to that as Senior Assistant General Counsel for the Florida Department of Health makes him the right person at the right time to guide the society. He has a deep understanding of the field and we're confident he will meet all of our expectations in setting high professional standards for the field and making the society the true representative of all professional pain management providers."

Mr. Pearson adds, "It is my goal to establish and enforce professional standards exceeding those that the state is currently implementing thus enabling the society to assist in ridding the state of the unscrupulous element in the pain management field and making pain clinics operations in Florida the envy of other states instead of the current scorn we currently and rightfully are looked upon with."

About Mr. Pearson:

Florida Department of Health (02/15/06-10/28/10).  Senior Assistant General Counsel (02/15/06-12/20/09).  Chief Prosecutor (12/20/09-10/28/10).  Primary duty as Chief Prosecutor was the statewide prosecution of licensed and unlicensed pain management facilities.  Additional duties included drafting and/or reviewing relevant administrative code provisions, providing legal counsel to the Board of Medicine and Board of Osteopathic Medicine regarding all pain management issues, analyzing proposed legislative bills, representing the Department on initial licensure case, responding to all subpoena and public records requests, creating investigatory procedures and providing training related to pain management and unlicensed activity for the Investigation Services Unit, drafting all emergency actions related to licensed pain management facilities, and coordinating the Department's investigations and prosecutions with the DEA, FBI, U.S. Attorney General and local law enforcement.  Prior duties included the statewide prosecution of physician disciplinary cases for the Florida Board of Medicine. Mr. Pearson also serves as the president of the Florida Government Bar Association. (Full CV at www.flspmp.org)

Contact Mr. Pearson by e-mail at FLSPMPexecdir@gmail.com

About The Florida Society of Pain Management Providers (FLSPMP)

The Florida Society of Pain Management Providers is a Florida not for profit Corporation founded on three principles:

  • To ensure Floridians access to affordable and effective pain management through the use of controlled medications.
  • To ensure all physicians the right to treat chronic pain with controlled medications.
  • To ensure that physicians and facilities operate in a safe and responsible manner.

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