Florissant Valley Fire Protection District Orders Demers MXP 170 Ambulances

Oct 27, 2015, 09:32 ET from Demers-Ambulances inc.

BELOEIL, QC, Oct 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Demers Ambulances announced that Florissant Valley Fire Protection District, Missouri, has ordered three Demers Type I MXP170 ambulances on Ford F450 chassis as part of an emergency vehicle fleet upgrade program. This order is scheduled for delivery in late October 2015 and is the latest in Demers' ongoing expansion of sales. 

"Our committee reached out to Demers early in the purchasing process,'' said Mark Flauter, Chief Medical Officer for Florissant Valley FPD.  "Demers produces a fantastic product based on our experience and research.  In addition, we share their philosophy on safety and ergonomics.  Everyone at Florissant Valley FPD is excited to see the finished product in October.  We believe in what we're doing with Demers and encourage other Fire-EMS services to consider them, too. "

"We're very pleased and honored to have been selected to supply ambulances for one of the busiest fire protection districts in the St. Louis area. The purchasing committee at Florissant Valley FPD has a very progressive mindset in terms of operation management and employee safety. We believe they are one of the trendsetters in terms of optimizing Fire-EMS response," said Benoit Lafortune, executive vice president of Demers. 

"At Demers, safety is always first and has driven our innovations and designs," continues Lafortune.   "The Type 1 MXP 170 is reflective of our stringent safety and testing guidelines which extend to a unique aluminum cabinet structure, along with equipment restraints and safety pull-testing that go above and beyond the current standards to help keep crews and patients safer.  These ambulances also feature our exclusive Mobility Sliding Seat on the curbside instead of a traditional squad bench.  This seating enables the paramedic to provide patient care from a variety of positions while safely belted."

MXP170 Ambulances Designed for Florissant FPD

"This ambulance design was specifically configured to meet the need of the Florissant Valley FPD Department based on collaborative discussions with their EMS purchasing committee members and our sales and engineering team. Together, we developed a customized solution that optimizes their ability to respond and care for patients," said Lafortune.

The new Demers Type 1 MXP 170 ambulances will ride on Ford F450 4x4 diesel chassis and feature a 170-inch patient module to maximize interior working space and equipment storage.  The interior cabinetry is constructed of aluminum.  The design features a second work station on the curbside and a cabinetry configuration that maximizes storage.

Award-Winning ECOSMART Anti-Idle System Provides Environmental Benefits and Operating Cost Savings

They shall also be equipped with Demers' exclusive ECOSMART Anti-Idling System to provide Florissant Valley FPD with fuel savings and help lower operating costs over the life of the ambulances.  While at idle, the ECOSMART System automatically shuts the chassis engine down when the module interior temperature and all voltage are at the correct levels. Once either the interior temperature or the unit's voltage moves outside the preset parameter, the system turns the engine back on automatically.  The ecological and economic benefits of the system are many:

  • Reduced fuel consumption during idle time
  • Fuel costs savings
  • A noteworthy impact on the environment, with reductions of several tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • Reduced engine hours and increased time between service checks
  • Longer life for the engine, chassis and ambulance


The ambulances are also equipped with a severe-climate air conditioning system, including:

  • Demers' exclusive Diffusion AIRFLOW System which generates heat below the medical cabinet at the bottom of the ambulance to flow upward, and the air conditioning system blowing from the ceiling to create a "comfort blanket" for the patient
  • Individually ducted air conditioning vents to maximize air flow
  • Separate multiplex-controlled air conditioning and heating systems for maximum efficiency and easier diagnostics and service
  • 60,000 BTU auxiliary condenser / compressor combination


About Florissant Valley Fire Protection District

The Florissant Valley Fire Protection District provides fire and emergency ambulance service and covers an area of approximately twenty-two (22) square miles. It includes the cities of Calverton Park, part of Hazelwood, almost all of the city of Florissant and a large portion of unincorporated St. Louis County. The District protects approximately 80,000 people residing in approximately 38,000 housing units as well as all businesses in the geographic area. The District's three firehouses run over 10,000 emergency responses annually, making it one of the busiest districts in the St. Louis area.

About Demers Ambulances

Demers, Ambulance Manufacturer Inc. (Demers Ambulances) is a world-class leader in ambulance design, manufacture and distribution and one of the largest firms in North America. With more than 50 years of success, Demers has sold more than 15,000 ambulances to customers in over 20 countries. With advanced products that consistently meet and exceed expectations of emergency services specialists around the world, Demers Ambulances is recognized as an innovator in ambulance engineering, introducing and perfecting details that keep paramedics and occupants safe while meeting today's global challenges.

Demers Ambulances is accredited ISO 9001:2008 and by Transport Canada and the USA DOT, by the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) in the USA within their "MEMBER VERIFICATION PROGRAM" and recognized as a "QUALIFIED VEHICLES MODIFIER" (QVM) by the Ford Motor Company and, an approved up fitter for Mercedes Benz Sprinter Customer Assurance Program, Demers ambulances meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry.

The company is headquartered in Beloeil, Quebec, and has a production facility in Plattsburgh, New York.  To learn more about Demers Ambulances, visit demers-ambulances.com.


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