FlowerDeliveryExpress.com has the following tips for making your holiday season less stressful

Dec 07, 2013, 14:13 ET from FlowerDeliveryExpress.com

DETROIT, Dec. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- FlowerDeliveryExpress.com a leading online flower delivery company, understands that for many people Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Studies have found that during the holiday season, 40 percent of Americans report feeling financial stress. Another 37 percent of Americans feel stressed by memories of loved ones who have died, and having too much to do causes stress for 34 percent of people.

According Dr. James Whitehead, professor of kinesiology and public health education at the University of North Dakota in stressful situations, the body releases stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. This response produces stress symptoms that can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and behavior. Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to numerous health problems.

Here are four things you can do to reduce holiday stress.

  • Plan ahead. Make a list of the things you need to do to get ready for the holidays. Include decorating ideas, meals, parties, sending cards, and shopping.
  • Learn to say "no". You don't need to attend everything. Save your time and energy for the people and events you enjoy most.
  • Stick to a budget. Decide how much you are going to spend and don't spend more.
  • Exercise. Studies show that exercise has many great effects on the body, such as helping to reduce stress and fatigue, elevating mood and improving sleep.

Studies have shown that flowers are a natural way to reduce stress. When you order from FlowerDeliveryExpress.com you will have the freshest and highest quality holiday flower bouquets to select from.

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