FlowerDeliveryExpress.com Offers Flowers as a Yom Kippur Gift

Sep 12, 2013, 16:19 ET from FlowerDeliveryExpress.com

DETROIT, Sept. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- FlowerDeliveryExpress.com a leading online flower delivery company, has a wide variety of floral arrangements that can be given to your host or hostess of a festive meal for Yom Kippur.  FlowerDeliveryExpress.com has the ability to deliver around the block or around the world.

Yom Kippur falls each year on the 10th day of the Jewish month of Tishrei, which is 9 days after the first day of Rosh Hashanah.  The earliest date on which Yom Kippur can fall is September 14, which will happen in 2013.  Yom Kippur begins at sundown September 13th (Friday) and ends at night fall September 14th (Saturday).

Yom Kippur is also known as Day of Atonement, this is the holiest day of the year for Jewish people.  During this time is when observant Jews will fast from sundown to sundown and spend the evening and day in prayer as the heavenly Book of Life is sealed for the coming year.  After this time of fasting many enjoy a festive meal where family and friends gather to eat.  Invited guests may take a prepared dish or bring a floral arrangement to be enjoyed for this occasion.

Sephardic Jews (Jews of Spanish, Portuguese and North African descent) refer to this holiday as "the White Fast" because they have the custom of wearing only white clothing on this day, to symbolize their "white" (pure) desire to free themselves from sin.

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