FlowerDeliveryExpress.com says Easter Lilies can last for Years

Mar 29, 2013, 15:00 ET from FlowerDeliveryExpress.com

DETROIT, March 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- FlowerDeliveryExpress.com a leading online flower delivery company, is in the process of preparing for spring by acquiring the freshest and highest quality flowers from expert growers.  With Easter just around the corner many individuals will be purchasing Easter Lilies for themselves or as a gift.  The Easter Lily is considered the traditional Easter flower because it symbolizes resurrection as well as goodness, purity, life, hope and innocence.

It takes several years of intense care and the perfect mix of soil and climate to produce quality lilies.  Growers are reporting that this years' crop of Easter Lilies are exceptionally healthy and strong.

In the home, plants prefer moderately cool temperatures as well as moderately moist, well-drained soil.  The Easer Lily doesn't survive as a houseplant, but it can be transplanted outdoors where it will bloom again and bring years of enjoyment.

Let soil in the plant container dry. Then remove the lily from the container without damaging the bulb and the roots.  Choose a location protected from the wind and in warm climates, protected from extreme heat.  If you have clay soil, add peat moss to assure good drainage.

Plant the bulbs 6 inches deep spacing each bulb 12 to 20 inches apart.  Dig a hole deep and wide enough to allow the roots enough room to spread out.  Work the soil around each bulb.  Cover the bulbs with soil and water thoroughly.

When you purchase an Easter Lily from FlowerDeliveryExpress.com you will not only be able to enjoy it this holiday season, but also for years to come.

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